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    Level of Detail (LOD) Change Has No Visual in P3d v4

    Hi I have built some object with LOD to the V4 Prepar3D and that it does not take effect in P3D, the structure does not dismantle, I tried in several ways, 3dmax, modelcoverter and nothing happens. When I open the object in Model converter everything is OK and in FSX works perfectly. I searched...
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    Earth Curve Editor Help

    Hi I did a GroundPoly for P3dv4 but I have problem of the curvature of the Earth. All the other objects such as green light, buildings were made based on the groundply, and everything was correct centered before Curve Eatrh. But by the problem of the curvature of the earth I need to fix it at...
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    Grond Poly in Prepar3D v4

    I´m try export Ground Poly in P3D v4 but the layers is all negative ( if I put 8 then i have -8) so When negative poly is under the floor, and does not appear in P3d v4, how to make it work? Thanks
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    Effets Ground light help

    Hi I am having a problem with the quality of the texture on the FSX, there are some lines as a target, I did everything to see if it improves, but no way, as pictured below; [/URL] My texture have 256 x 256, 32bits with mipmaps and saved in *.bmp and configuration [Library Effect] Lifetime=5...
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    Jetway Start Fast

    My jetway starts very fast and then follows the path normally, When return the same thing happens, back normally and in the end it back very fast. As I show in this video. Thanks
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    Scenproc Extremey Dense house problem

    I made a lot of autongen and in FSX, and with Extremely Dense I lose a lot of houses, and with very dense the houses came back...... is there a fix for that ? Thanks Extremely Dense [/URL] Very Dense [/URL]
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    JetWay FSX Model Help

    Hi I need a help... I built Jetway exactly as in video tutorial of the IKJetway, the finish I exported with ExportSkin without errors. When I put in the ADE to Jetway, nothing appear ( invisible) notice, I change the GUID in XML, but if I put as an "object" it appears normally but no animation...
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    FSX Annotator Error

    I installed Window7 Ultimate 64 bit, I am having a problem with the SDK autogen annotator, because everything is correct but when I save I have this error, error saving! I already uninstalled and instalalei again I put SP1 etc. .. have the default.xml ins SDK but the error continues, anyone had...
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    Point Vegetation

    Hi Can I create Autogen with Point.shp ?
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    AGN road Lines

    It is possible to put Agn (poles) using "road lines Shapefile", if yes how to do it? Thanks
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    3dmax import face mapping

    Anyone know why when I import an object for the 3DS and try to map with the FACE happens this? I do not know how to search it on Internet.
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    Scenproc and Annotator

    Hi With the help of Arno I get the autogens (AGN) in scenproc, but when I open the annotator to edit and remove some thing does not appear 10% of the footprints, does anyone have this problem? In FSX appear all, as show in the pictures below. Footprint in GlobalMapper SHP. After Scenproc...
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    Autogen WareHouse Roof

    Anyone know why the roof of the warehouse (autogen Default) are sunk and not at the top, leveled. Thanks
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    how they do that ?

    See it Something like that the Arno is doing . Regards
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    Parameter for lights low visibility day

    I made a apronlight ALS and wish rise only lights in poor visibility, which parameter should I use? Thanks[
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    Help Effects are at the wrong possition.

    I try effects light in TaxiWay, about 150 lamps, in gmax everything Ok, but after exporting and turn on FSX, the effects are at the totaly wrong possition. Why does this happen ? Thanks
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    Animation help

    I tried an amination in gmax, I created a simple box, clicked on Box and create the animet key frames from 0 to 100, so far as well , Box walking (anime)normally, then exported MDL I also click and export animation, compiled for FSX and when I see the scene nothing happens Box does not move...
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    Water Blend Help

    Hi I have problem with Blend Water I've tried everything, GlobalMapper, Sbuilder etc... I do not know what is happening... thd photo has 8bits greyscale Anyone know what could be the problem? Thanks Regards
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    Simple Light GLOW

    Anyone knows how to create a simple lightlight Glow in gmax for fsx ? no Pole need only light. I made this in my scenery Rio de Janeiro MegaScenery but these lights are not functioning in fsx. Thanks
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    Autogen FSX Annotator SDK HELP

    Anyone knows as to place texture in Autogen SDK FSX with annotator properties Building Texture I have always error save! I cannot change texture therefore of the error ! Thanks