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    FSX Why is this knob not spinning?

    Hello, I have made a 3D knob but I can not make it spin. I have used the same code on other knobs and they spin when I click on them, what am I doing wrong this time? <Element> <Position X="18" Y="86" /> <Image Name="Spd.bmp" Luminous="No" PointsTo="North" > <Axis X="9" Y="8"...
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    FSX Fuel problem....

    Hello, I may be stupid but can anyone tell me if this is really correct? I am looking in the Falcon 50 POH and it says that the FF (lb / hr) is 606 at a certain weight and temprature. The total usable amount of fuel is 15,514 lbs. That would mean that I could fly for 25 hours!?!? 15,514...
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    FSX Stop the timer!

    Howdy again, I have a new little problem to solve involving a oxygen gauge and I have been trying various code but to no avail. I have a timer that should start when the airplane leaves the ground and stop when the airplane is on the ground. When the time have expired the timer should stop and...
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    FSX I don't want flashing text!

    How do I prevent the, "Nav Rdy" text from flashing? I want it to appear when the time has expired. <Macro id="NavrdyTimer" Name="NavrdyTimer"> <MacroValue>(L:Navrdy,bool) 1 == (P:Local Time,seconds) 1 * 20 % near if{ 1 } els{ 0 } ! </MacroValue> </Macro> <Element...
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    FSX XML Button

    Hello, I need some help with a button. I have a button that when pressed, text on a display will showup. When I press the same button a second time a new text will showup, when I press the same button a third time, a new text will show and when I press the 4th time the first text will show...
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    Hello, A Falcon 50 jet obviously need a TCAS system so that is what I am working on now, phew! My question is if I have to program every target seperately that will be displayed. In other words, will I have to program a entry for every target that will be displayed and will that regulate the...
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    Panel.cfg file question

    Hello, I wonder what the max number of [VCockpit00] gauges/lines are allowed in the panel.cfg file....I am up to 41 now and increasing. Under each [VCockpit00] I have a number of gauges following this depending on the panel in the virtual cockpit. Regards, John Stewart
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    More Text Effect Questions.....

    Hello, How do I make a text appear in a .xml gauge after a certain amount of time? I am creating a Falcon 50 for FSX. Regards, Multipilot
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    Flashing text!

    Hello, Can anyone show me some sample gaugestring code on how to make a text, "flash" using the, "BlinkCode" script command. I need some text to flash in a gauge when I disconnect the autopilot. Thanks, multipilot
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    FSX Falcon 50 FSX

    Hello, A little update on my Falcon 50 for fsx project. Take a look at: There is still alot to improve but I've been working hard on this one. Please comment if you like what you see or not..... Regards, multipilot
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    Donate FMC for a sim project?

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    Fuel Used Readout

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    Pilot seat whool textures

    Anyone have some nice pilot seat whool textures that they would like to share for a commercial fsx project? Regards, John Stewart
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    Weather radar

    Does anyone have a functioning weather radar that they would like to share with me for my commercial Falcon 50 project and that I can freely modify if need be? Regards, John Stewart
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    Edit .mdl files....

    Hello, I wonder what program I should use if I want to open up and edit or read the content in a .mdl file. Regards, John Stewart :)
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    FSX Airspeed indicator nonlinearityentries

    Hello, I am trying to create a airspeed indicator and I need to know how to find the float positions for the needle quickly :) for the NonlinearityEntries. Any suggestions? Regards, John Stewart
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    Fuel amount remaining converted to action time remaining?

    Hello, Can some one help me with a XML problem. Converting available fuel into a action time remaining value in minutes? For example....if I have 2000lbs fuel remaining how long time can I fly on that fuel if the fuel consumption is 3000lbs an hour? :D (I know how to figure it out...
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    Landing Lights Part 2

    Hello, I am in vain trying to create functioning landing lights for my VC in FSX. I am making my model in FS Design Studio so no GMAX talk please. Can some one tell me the steps involved in making functioning landing lights for FSX. What files need to be created such as fx file....xml...
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    Secure packaging of product...

    Hello, I am almost finished with my New Dassault Falcon 50 for FSX with VC only. I now want to package my product for sale and I wonder if there is any good self extractor/installer out there that I can use for my product? I would like one with a security key and self installer/extractor. Any...
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    Float Position On Image

    Hello, I wonder if anyone have some good advice on how to find the float position on a background image quickly without having to unpack the .CAB file....make the changes....CAB the files again.......test in flight sim and then maybe have to re-do it again if things don't matchup on the...