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    Adex 4932

    Just installed 4932 and I find that for my own textures if I use the GP texture editor in the drop down menu they show as no def. I have tried to use a separate line_def.txt and combining my definitions in the base.txt and they still show in the GP editor as no def. However, they are available...
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    Gp 083

    Just tried the latest upgrade, the good news is that I can now compile the AFD file, the bad news is that there are no GP polys. When I then try to edit the polys and lines I get this a list of errors as long as your arm. I'll send the log separately Uploaded with Norman
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    Failure message ADE 1.60.4923 Beta

    Jon, I have just sent you the log/failure message that I have received with the new beta. I now think that this was due to one texture not having been reloaded. Please ignore the message, as if it happens again I will re-send it. Norman Edit: ignore this, log sent again.
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    Problems with ADE9X

    Hi Chaps, its a long time since I have been here, but I have watched your progress. I have a problem with ADE9X involving NDBs. When I make an AFD I do not normally add NDBs, but simply reposition the default to the location that it should be. However, occassionally I do have to make a new...