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    FS's attitude indicators

    I was searching for an attitude indicator (ADI, FDAI, PFD, etc.) for FS9 or FSX that doesn't flip as I pass the 90° nose up or down position. Perhaps this isn't possible. The reason, requires a bit of background. The other day, I was downloading some panel and I saw the file for the Millennium...
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    FS9 vs FSX xml gauge(s)

    Hello. The other day, I downloaded a c172r aircraft for FSX because it said its gauges run smoothly. The gauges were very smooth, I especially liked how the VOR's behave as I have observed in my own aircraft (C182D). I also use FS9 when I want multiple screens because WideView 2000 works with...
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    Hello. I posted a question about PID ( ) but got no response in its category. To the administrator of this website, under the Wiki, can the title"Autopilot" (...
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    gauge display priority

    Hello. I am trying to modify the FS9's default autopilot. The behavior works great but not the graphics. I have the following in one XML: Gauge 1: <Element><Select><Value> (A:Autopilot Master,bool) (A:AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK, bool) ! and (A:AUTOPILOT NAV1 LOCK, bool) ! and if{ 1...