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    Updated FSX Scenery Objects Site

    Hello all, I've updated the sceneobjects website with images and thumbnails from Acceleration objects. New global objects libraries were added in the Acceleration Pack, containing a dozens of neat 3d models. Also autogen.bgl and vegetation.bgl contain new objects. You may distinguish them...
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    New tool: Whisplacer

    Hello all, After some idle time, I decided to cleanup and release a small tool I made some months ago, called "Whisplacer". It's another XML object placer, exclusively for FSX, with a "live" fs preview feature. We already discussed the principle here (see...
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    FSX Generic building textures list

    Hi all, Does someone know where can I find a texture list to be used with generic building in FSX ? It seems that there is a lot of new textures, so the excel document from the fs9 bglcomp sdk is probably outdated. Thanks.
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    FSX Default objects library

    Hi all, FSX had a cool object placer shipped with the mission SDK (object_placement_tool.dll). But one thing I don't like in it is the _long_ list of objects. They're uncategorized, some of them should not be used since they're geolocked and it's really boring to scroll down and try the...
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    It took me some time to figure out what are marker states and how they works since the documentation isn't very explicit on that. The simulation variables "Marker State" is missing in the SDK, but is needed to build appropriate data definitions. So how it works...
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    SimConnect C# Oddities

    Hi all, I'm a beginner with C#, but I made some little programs using simconnect before, in C and Java. Although I find C# very pleasant to code with, the limitations and bugs of the .NET simconnect interface are really slowing down my learning process. Here are two workarounds I would like to...
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    update Population Density data

    The "living water" feature of FSX is able to generate random moving objects (boats and cars) based on purely static scenery elements. For cars, there are FreewayTraffic vectors, which are well documented. But my problem is concerning boats. According to SDK docs, the number of boats generated...
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    LivingWorld autogen source

    Hi folks, Attached is the XML source of autogen for the livingworld feature of FSX. I know it is not directly related to mesh or terrain system, but the way it's done is more similar to autogen subsystem than A.I. aircrafts :rolleyes: For each region of the FSX world (A-Z) it contains...
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    Simconnect & Java

    Hi folks, I know Java is not a very popular language among flightsim developpers :D and this won't interest so much people, but I've developed a small client library to use simconnect in java. The first beta version is available at : It is a complete...