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  1. Amengol

    FSX Aircraft animation problem

    Hi guys, I'm sure this might be a very basic problem, but anyways... I'm newbie with aircraft animation, although quite experienced with scenery ones. I'm trying to get a very basic rudder animation to work in FSX or P3Dv3 (same problem on both). The model: A dummy with the model name...
  2. Amengol

    FSX Dynamic scenery

    Hi guys, I know from here that there is a way to place scenery MDL objects using SimConnect (like Whisplacer does), placing a dummy simObject in the sim object folder. But does anyone know how Instant Scenery shows the MDLs (when in the placing object mode)? Thanks in advance, Jorge.
  3. Amengol

    FSX External use of the Mission Engine?

    Hi, Is it possible to use the Mission Engine (via SimConnect or something) without load a mission, thus get the benefit of the various features like programmable AI, triggers etc. for airports? Regards, Jorge.
  4. Amengol

    FSX Odd problem reduncing keys - 3Dmax.

    Hi all, I'm creating a moving wheel in 3Dmax. If I export right away, FSX behave exactly as in 3D max, the wheel spins at right speed, but if I reduce the keys (curve editor), the moviment in 3D max is right, but FSX gives odd behavior, like the wheel stopping suddenly. Anyone already faced a...
  5. Amengol

    FSX Ilheus - Brazil

    Hi, Guys! I’d like to present my new FREEWARE scenery for Brazil: Ilhéus FSX [SP2] v1.0! Visit my blog to download. Best regards, Jorge Amengol OZX Developer Terra-Brasilis Developer
  6. Amengol

    FSX Another transparency issue

    Hello, I'm having a problem with the transparency of a grass that I did. From certain angles it draws the objects behind. Both objects are made with LODs and, in theory, would need to be made so, because I need to control the distance when it shows (unless you have another technique for this in...
  7. Amengol

    FSX [Help] LODs and Alpha Channel

    Hi all, I’m work on a scenery with custom ground polys using only FSX material. The result is amazing and I can do all that the FSX material permit! But the problem is that, at a certain altitude, I got the annoying flickering issue. What I’m doing to solve this is make LODs with this...
  8. Amengol

    FSX Effect that appears from on side only. How?

    Effect that appears from one side only. How? Hi, I would like to create an effect that will be seen only from a certain angle of vision? It's for a light that can only be seen from the front. Is that possible?
  9. Amengol

    FSX Ground Poly with shadow, How do I?

    Hi everyone, How do I add shadow to a ground poly made with FSX SDK? I just want the shadow on it. Ps. I do not want to use 2002 SDK anymore, 'cause the boring missing autogen problem. Thks!
  10. Amengol

    No autogen with ASM ground polys.

    Hello all! I’m developing this scenery to FSX using FS2002 SDK ground poly technique with .ASM files. High resolution: here Everything looks very cool, except by this autogen problem that makes the autogen disappear due to the ground poly. I’ve already tried a lot of tweaks to...
  11. Amengol

    Custom terrain and autogen exclusion.

    Hi, Did anyone solved the problem of the autogen suppression by custom ground polys made with FS2002 SDK in FSX? I think I’ve read all related topics here, but no suggested solutions worked at all. What I’ve tried: Change the ref. point to somewhere far from the airport, but I get...
  12. Amengol

    Lat/Lon Conversion + Grass alpha mask problem

    Hi all, I would like to know how to convert the format for Latitude/Longitude that is in the .asm files (FS2002 gamepack). i.e: For the coord S14* 48.93786 W39* 1.95786 a get in the .asm this line: dd 0FFE6E07Ah,0E43E538Dh ; latitude,longitude I tried to convert from...
  13. Amengol

    Object Showing only at night

    Hi, all What I have to do to get a gmax/d3max object showing only at night time (including dawn and dusk)? Tks for the help?
  14. Amengol

    FSX Draw order problem with crossing planes trees.

    Hi, Please take a look at this scene: I got a big draw order problem in that scene, where the crossing trees lets all other objects show through it, even through itself. Those trees are a unique 3DS max object with crossing planes with the following FSX material properties: A...
  15. Amengol

    Night terrain texture, what is the best technique?

    I know Microsoft team is very efficient in making changes on their landclass textures. Better explain with photos: It is an example of the texture 030g2, with summer, fall, hard winter and night texture. Now, the Night texture: They manipulate the colors and follow that pattern for all...
  16. Amengol

    Gmax obect texture problem

    Hello.. My new issue is with textures. I have some Gmax trees over my airfield. They were made with FS2002 SDK and tweaked the normals and shadows. I'm using the default DXT1 trees textures. When I load the scenery, everything is ok, but if a slew away for a minute or two (not seeing the...
  17. Amengol

    Photoreal textures are gray in Winter

    I’m having this issue when load my scenery in Winter season: My photoreal was made with Terra Builder, a front end to the Resample tool. My scenery are located at a low latitude and it only occurs in the season. Any one knows what might me wrong? Tks.
  18. Amengol

    How to make a polygon/face without the sun influence?

    Good afternoon, friends. I need to know how to do a polygon that not suffer influence of sunlight (direction of sunlight). I tried to use the property "Self ilumination" in Gmax, but without success. Anyone know how to do this? I need this to proper represent some grass over my scenery...
  19. Amengol

    Draw order problem.

    Hi, all. I have I drawing order problem and try all related topics with no success. I have an object (taxi light) that is made by 2 crossing faces with DS_ texture applied. What I trying to reach is the halo effect of the light. The texture for that is a DXT3 with grayscale alpha channel...
  20. Amengol

    Displaced thresholds without white arrows, how?

    Hi to all. I’m making the lights of my custom Gmax runways with SCASM rwy codes, with invisible texture. Looking very good and functional, and was quite easy, but I have a runway that has displaced thresholds and, unfortunately, even with the command “Markers 0”, I still getting the arrows on...