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  1. iangbusa

    FSX How do I Determine Unknown Coordinates in SbuilderX

    I would advise against trying to reverse-engineer MSE (or any purchased third-party add-in scenery) and its bgl files. You would likely be breaking any EULA and certainly infringing copyright of the developer and the owner of the copyright of the original imagery. Follow the advice above...
  2. iangbusa

    SBX 3.15 without 3.14

    Out of interest - which tile server? Or does this happen with more than one of them? Knowing that might help the guys who know how this works.
  3. iangbusa

    Missing section when making runway

    Did you post the file? Can't see it...
  4. iangbusa

    Mixing annotator files with scenproc files?

    Also, note there's no difference in agn file output, whether from Annotator or scenproc. You can edit scenproc produced (or any agn) files in Annotator if you want to produce finer details etc. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  5. iangbusa

    Invalid File Type

    I use bmp for ADE all the time. There is a tab in the options to select the file type to be used. Though there's a warning for sizes over 9Mb (I think), the program does work for files larger than that. I haven't tested for how large a file it can accommodate. In this case I would also test...
  6. iangbusa

    Default terrain showing.

    Watch out though. Hydropolys generally "cover" QMID 11 squares. If you place an exclude anywhere in one, the whole hydropoly will be excluded and you'll have to replace it. If you don't do this, as =rk= says, the underlying land class (if any) will show up. Some hydropolys do cover smaller QMID...
  7. iangbusa

    FSXA Creating a New Single Object from Several Default Objects

    Note: if you already have MSE for your state (and I think you mentioned that?) you won't have to download any GeoTiff files. However, you will need decent geodata, like OpenStreetMap data, to add some autogen types using scenProc. That might include trees, buildings, etc. where the information...
  8. iangbusa

    FSXA Creating a New Single Object from Several Default Objects

    It is possible to add a together objects over photo-scenery. I do precisely this in my payware US-coverage scenery series. You should check out the free tool called scenProc. You'll find discussion about it on the FSDeveloper forum. With the right inputs, this great tool from Arno Gerresten can...
  9. iangbusa

    Error with importing into SBuilderX

    I've always had problems using shp files and SBX 64-bit under Windows 10 and only on Windows 10. See I just use 3.13 for work with shapefiles when running Windows 8 or newer. ian
  10. iangbusa

    FSXA Problem with SBuilderX importing shapefiles

    Are you using SBX 64-bit and running Windows 10? ian
  11. iangbusa

    Merge Tool - time for a dumb request

    Yes, I think you must be right if it's supposed to skip and close if it can't find any files. Seems it's not doing that.
  12. iangbusa

    Merge Tool - time for a dumb request

    Sorry about the confusion, guys. As per choice of forum section, I'm talking about the Merge tools selected from tools menu in scenproc. When selecting the tool and loading folders into the dialog that opens, if I pick an empty folder [as the starter folder], it hangs and doesn't warn that it's...
  13. iangbusa

    Merge Tool - time for a dumb request

    Sorry - should be more explicit (another dumb user example!) - I'm talking about the Autogen Merge Tool... ian
  14. iangbusa

    Couple of quick observations...

    Arno - I found a workaround but still don't know what I was doing wrong. I'll get time someday to sit back and check it out. Thank for your help though. ian
  15. iangbusa

    Merge Tool - time for a dumb request

    Hi Arno Here's a dumb user request to catch a typical "operator error"... Any chance of a warning [dialog] when the input folder is empty? Sounds stupid but I was stumped for too long not understanding why the tool wasn't processing until I went back and checked the input folder I'd specified...
  16. iangbusa

    FSX SBX set as hole problem

    Do you have Exclude Water Polys and new, larger Water Polys covering the relevant areas? Make sure you Set As Hole... to the replacement Water Poly(s). Sorry haven't had time to look at your sbp file. Just a thought. ian
  17. iangbusa

    Terrain doesn't match Photoreal

    Agree, Clutch - but looks like a bit more than Shoreline Exclude may be needed. For example, as you spotted, it looks like there's a bit of Land Class still showing through (trees etc.). Although this probably isn't the case, is it possible the mask that the OP's using isn't matched precisely...
  18. iangbusa

    Couple of quick observations...

    Hi Arno Following advice in regarding comparison against a random attribute I created, appeared to fix the issue, I used RND(1.0) in the test this time, obviously creating a Double attribute. I haven't...
  19. iangbusa

    Filter in CreateXmlLibObj step

    Hi guys I'm having no problem with any of the operators except where I had problems with different types being mixed (see Note Arno's...
  20. iangbusa

    Couple of quick observations...

    How about I send you a Dropbox link for the data and spc files?