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    Airframe type in 1101?

    Hi, What's the sense of "airframe type" parameter in table 1101? (By AAM). Excluding supersonic related values, does it modify something in flight dynamics? Thanks
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    Where are Fsx formulas?

    Hi to all. Just a stupid question. Where are burried the Fsx formulas that the program uses for flight dynamics? Expecially i'm looking fo helicopter's ones. Thanks!
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    FSX Torque equation in heli

    Hi all. Does anyone of you have an equation that could describe torque in default Bell206? I found that Bell has a torque effect and depends by "main rotor drag" and "main rotor friction/solidity" values. Modifing accordingly them the heli starts to yaw to left or right by collective inputs. I...
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    XtoMdl error in Mcx

    Hi, I have already talked with Arno by PM about it but no luck to fix this error. So I share with you this error log in the hope that somebody else encountered the same error! I have the last MCX version and i use P3d 1.4 sdk. Thanks!
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    Less yaw in windy cond.

    Hi community! I'm trying to fix Cerasim AS365N3 unwanted yaw in gusty wind. What Yaw parameters may I change in primary aerodynamic table to make heli heading more stable in windy conditions?
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    Change yaw for cw heli

    Hi, I was looking how change torque induced yaw direction in a clockwise helicopter. I discovered that Main Rotor Friction negative values change yaw to left (i.e. -0.0413). However I need to increase CLmax value and modify Vertical stabilizer incidence to have the same behavior before this...