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  1. sunayk

    P3D v4 Rain inside hangar vs rain inside airplane

    I haven't tried it, but maybe defining a platform under the roof (or defining the roof a platform) might help?
  2. sunayk

    Lights over custom GP

    I had had the same problem when I exported my taxi/runway lights group within MCX as scenery bgl with coordinates. As a solution what worked form me was putting them inside a library and placing them inside the sim with Instant Scenery. I am not sure what changed but that worked for me. Maybe...
  3. sunayk

    Resellers stop using PayPal for payments

    Well, Paypall is banned in my country (Turkey) and can't be used for some years now , I forgot how it was :(
  4. sunayk

    I Would Like to Start Flying Flight Simulator X

    Regarding Prepar3D there is also the 60 day refund policy: So you can try and decide in 60 days. If doesn't work out there is the FSX SE on Steam.
  5. sunayk

    3Ds Max .X File Export , (Aircraft Modelling)

    Welcome and congratulations. Actually you should study the SDK installation Wiki and related messages. But as a brief pointer; In your case FSX SDK is not sufficient, you will need at least Prepar3D V3 SDK found here: for the correct plugins to export a .X...
  6. sunayk

    I'm working on scenery... (2019)

    I am working on LTAC Ankara Esenboga, Turkey, as payware, for release in 2019.
  7. sunayk

    Error with Ground Poly Wizard

    I testes the GP wizard of the new build (27/12/2018), the slice polygons function worked great without making any stray triangles. Thank you Arno! Just that the ground poly bgl that I created as P3Dv2 with negative layers displayed correctly, whereas the FSX bgl with positive (12-16-20) layers...
  8. sunayk

    Error with Ground Poly Wizard

    Thanks for the response Arno, I created a simple scene, two runways and three aprons with no subdivisions (below seen as dark blue color). I attached the .X file, ground poly wizard settings .mgp file, the bgl files exported with MCX and the latest development release ( of...
  9. sunayk

    Error with Ground Poly Wizard

    MCX Ground Polygon Wizard still does the "slice polygons" function correctly, but then somewhere with the updates the slice polygon function started messing the gp and tearing it to pieces, if the input model is not divided to smaller parts before the MCX convertion process. Arno, I...
  10. sunayk

    Seasonal Landclass

    I used the landclass texture file references from the great FSX landclass spreadsheed by Holgar Sandmann, a link to the file ( ) is given here: I created different landclass seasonal...
  11. sunayk

    P3D v4 [P3Dv4.4] PBR Update and questions about it.

    I am also curious about PBR, but I think the answers to those questions may become clear as we get more experience on the subject, hopefully in the following weeks. I myself will do the first experiment with 4.4 this weekend. But supposedly current sceneries are not to be affected by the new...
  12. sunayk

    Exploring Google Earth?

    Nothing that fancy, it is just the page we use for making ADE background images, it was very practical but unfortunately it is not functioning now as it used to.
  13. sunayk

    Exploring Google Earth?

    It is sad. It was mentioned in other threads some weeks ago. The free service of Google has been updated (requires a credit card information or something similar to function properly..) . Maybe it can be fixed but till then we have to live with this somewhat darkened image or use other...
  14. sunayk

    P3D v4 Simmershome Cyprus Airports

    Great work Rainer. Thank you and congratulations. I made a test flight today and I am also grateful that we have a new beautiful destination to fly :)
  15. sunayk

    FSX FSEarth Tiles not showing satellite Image

    It seems working again now. G.Earth latest version is now V=817.
  16. sunayk

    (Disregard/Solved)Jetway placement offset

    Well, I solved it. It wasnot related to the jetway positions but it was related to the terminal building position offset. Probably it was a drawcall batching offset or something, but I managed to fix the position of the terminal (compiling the terminal with an animation) in all sims, so the...
  17. sunayk

    (Disregard/Solved)Jetway placement offset

    On my first try I reached to the point of having a functioning jetway and was able to place it by Sodeplacer. Now I am at the point of integrating also the static versions. Thank you Jeffrey for SODE and SodePlacer :) But I noticed a placement shift problem. I did the placements in Prepar3D v3...
  18. sunayk

    Can't use Dick's (rhumbaflappy) GMaps tool anymore

    Seems like the free Google maps service is now limited like that. The site still provides a "darker" Google image with the script "For Development Purposes Only", I used it like that as ADE background, not ideal but still somewhat usable. I will test also the Rumpamaps.
  19. sunayk

    FSXA Parking Lines On A Grass Apron

    I think you can edit all the taxi and parking links and untick "line" property, or not?
  20. sunayk

    FSX FSEarth Tiles not showing satellite Image

    Just checked, the method to find v=xxx server version still works for me. (Using page in Chrome). Now the version is V=804 for example.