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    Applying ModelDef.xml to the model

    Hello! I opened the model and edited the modeldef.xml code for some gauges, but it looks when I saved the model the new code was not applied. When I choose "Save..." in the ModelDef.xml dialog, it offers to save it as a separate file. So how do I apply an edited modeldef.xml to a model?
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    How can I edit animations?

    Hello, Can you, please, help me with finding info on how I can edit animations with MCX? Or can I at all? I want to correct a small bug in the Milviz Turbo Otter model. The landing gear indicator needle moves the wrong way and points to wrong directions (indicates gear up when they are down...
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    P3D v4 Dissymmetry of lift - How do you model it?

    Hello, I improved the R66 flight dynamics somewhat, but I cannot find how to model dissymmetry of lift. According to the SDK, there is a parameter for this called right_trim_scalar, but it doesn't seem to affect anything whatever numbers I try.
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    Sound cones don't work in P3D v4?

    Has anyone noticed this? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Even with these settings the sound can be heard all around the aircraft. I was expecting it to be heard only when looked from behind... [TAILROTOR] filename=TailRotor flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.713024,0.893617,1.000000,0.936170...
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    Numerical integration in XML gauges: is it possible?

    Say, as an input I have delta heading rate and time. I'd like to perform simple integration to get the heading change. The timer starts as soon as the delta heading rate is not zero. But this is as far as I could get. If I use this I get some crazy number which is no way near to actual heading...
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    P3D v3 Modelling a helicopter's engine (several questions)

    A turbine-powered helicopter is in question. I would like to simulate slow acceleration of the engine and its power deficit at high collective. The behavior of the sim helicopters is weird in this regard as I was able to get into a situation when the gas generator RPM reached 100% and did not...
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    FSX Triggering oil leak from XML gauge

    Hi folks! There is an "Oil leak" event you can access via the "Failures" menu, and when triggered, it produces a very realistic sequence of oil leak and associated indications. But I couldn't find in SDK a gauge event to use to trigger this event via an XML gauge. So, the question is: how to...
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    Another SDK installation problem

    Hello guys, I'm sorry to troube you, but I couldn't find an answer neither throughout the forum nor in the wiki. I've got Win XP Pro SP3 FSX Deluxe (English), SP2 I have successfully installed both RTM SDK and SP1A, but when I try to run SDK SP2 it goes to about 100% then says it is...
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    Back Course Flag

    Dear Experts, I try to replicate the ARC (Cessna) IN-385 VOR/LOC as closely as possible, but I can't make a back course flag work (a highlighted portion of the code below). Either I do something wrong in the code or I don't understand how it is supposed to function, but when I place an...