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  1. mattperry78

    Jetways: Am I missing something?

    Hi all. Once again I have to turn to the pros to help with a problem. I was developing KPNS (Pensacola) for FS2k4 but now am trying to get it ready for FSX as well. I am trying to get the jetways in my afcad and have used the attached code, but they just don't show up. Do you see anything...
  2. mattperry78

    Negative values?

    Arno (or anyone else that knows!), I am using mdltweaker 0.21. I am using the variable for distance along z axis. While this does work great, it will only let me put in positive numbers. I am trying to make the object appear from -20m to 0m. I've tried it from 0m to 20m and it works...
  3. mattperry78

    Parking Brake variable

    Gents, I am trying to animate a deicing sequence at my airport. I would like to use the distance to the aircraft as a condition and the parking brake as a trigger. I know that the parking brake is not available in CAT, but I have seen the variable in an AVSIM forum as 0A9A. Is this the...
  4. mattperry78

    KBWI Released

    Baltimore/Washington International is here! I don't have any spectacular pics to post here, but take a look at and watch the video! Thanks for everyone's help for making it possible! Matt
  5. mattperry78

    Using Night Textures alongside Seasonal Textures

    I have been able to sucessfully add night textures for objects in GMAX thanks to the code postings on this forum. However, I also wish for these objects to maintain their night textures. I have tried not changing the night textures and just adjusting the seasons as below: IFIN1 tex_02...
  6. mattperry78

    Adding autogen trees to gmax created ground scenery

    Is there a way to use the Annnotator program to create autogen trees for my GMAX created ground scenery? I used the program and "created" vegetation areas with my images that are used in my GMAX mdl. I tried placing the .agn file in both the local addon scenery texture folder and...
  7. mattperry78

    Splitting large images

    I have looked here and at Avsim and did some of my own research, but I cannot seem to find a tool that it is easy to split large images. I have a image about 6500 x 6500 that I'm trying to split into 30 1024x1024 images (yes there is some excess waste on the edges) to use as GMAX placed ground...
  8. mattperry78

    Uniform shading across entire object

    Hello! I encountered a problem in GMAX awhile ago and have ignored it hoping that I would find an answer some day in one of the forums. Well, now I am starting to wrap up loose ends in my scenery and I must take care of it... I am having a problem with a the shading of a cylinder I created...
  9. mattperry78

    Strange compile in 0.11

    First off, this program is looking great! Everything is running well in 0.11 except when I try to do a compile from inside the program. My XML (kbwiobj.XML) is located inside a remote directory, yet when I compile it asks for compile.XML. I copied compile.XML to my remote directory to see...
  10. mattperry78

    RWY12 Object Placer

    While I am still anxiously awaiting Arno's ObPlacer XML (because I know it will be the most thoroughly designed tool available), I did see that there was a new library object placer available on AVSIM called RWY12. Has anyone tried it yet? Does it have the same placement problems as SceneGenX...