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  1. Otavio Bonomi

    Light Effect behavior

    Hi everyone, I would love to know why the same effects, added by ADE, have different behaviors when done with Night / Day and other (same effect) but for dawn / dusk parameters. I've been noticing that during dawn / dusk the lights have the intensity and brilliance that I seek and wish them...
  2. Otavio Bonomi

    PBR Apron versus ADE help!

    Hi guys, I really need a little help here to move on. I use my FSXA and I created my first Apron PBR with specular/ bump following the tutorials already known on youtube, which I am increasingly improving the final result but falls into an old dilemma that I am a terrible designer of taxi...
  3. Otavio Bonomi

    Question about Emissive

    Hello friends of the oracle, I really need your help. I have a question about Emissive that I think you are already tired of answering, I confess that I did not find anything about it. I am creating a terminal building and I would like it to change colors according to dusk and dawn. I put on...
  4. Otavio Bonomi

    FSXA SAA South American Airports project finally at home

    I would like to invite everyone to know the newest space for scenery, models and textures all freeware (still in construction but accessible). As I promised before, I'm sharing all my projects, models and textures to anyone who's interested. Your opinion and suggestion is important. I confess...
  5. Otavio Bonomi

    FSXA Hangar that opens and closes gates, Is it Possible?

    I'm planning to make a crazy idea that someone must have thought or tried it is a hangar that opens and closes gates. I constantly use sketchup to make my models and I have very little experience blender and little time doing scenery. I started importing into the blender one of my hangars made...
  6. Otavio Bonomi

    FSXA SAA (South American Airports) Chilean Volcanoes Pack FSX/P3D All

    Chile is an exuberantly beautiful country and also one of the regions with the most active volcanoes in the world, mixing beauty and fear. For this project I chose the region of the lakes, especially the city of Puerto Montt for having the aerodromes closest to the Volcanoes. Divided into 3...
  7. Otavio Bonomi

    FSXA SAA (South American Airports) New Brazilian Airport Jericoacoara SBJE FSX/P3D All

    The airport was opened on June 24, 2017 read more on Mega Link!ubp1xAxS!gEUS9PtgG9VsGZSH1sNPitjKSz7Ru9-iWY0JkMn8hb4
  8. Otavio Bonomi

    FSXA SAA (South American Airports) Helicopter Bases FSX P3D All

    Heli Rio located in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Barra da Tijuca Rio de Janeiro. Also in Rio, Portobello Hotel (1270 x30m Asphalt Rwy) near Angra dos Reis for VFR Lovers. Mega Link HeliRio!zexFmJBS!xHw9nRhg9-z1BqmMnvr5IAlJCT8gOeaybkR0R_KbqyY Mega link Portobello Hotel...
  9. Otavio Bonomi

    FSX Fresh meat SAA (South American Airports) FSX P3D all

    Hi everyone, I started doing my own projects one year ago, and now I´d like to share them. My Web is not ready yet but it will be soon. Tips and good advices are welcome, if you want to try, it will be a plesure. (South American Airports) Work on FSX and P3D All. Uruguay - Punta Del Este SULS...