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    FSX FSX and latest Nvidia drivers 368.39

    Hi all I have just updated my system to the latest Nvidia drivers, but for some reason when I go into Nvidia inspector and do my usual tweaks the MS Flight Simulator X profile is not there anymore. The only one I can find is Microsoft Flight simulator 10. Will this profile work ok with the...
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    FS2004 Adding a VOR

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    Landing AI helicopters in FS2004

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best way if possible to get an AI helicopter to land on my helipad ? I have been experimenting with a Chinook in AI flightplanner, very pleased so far but it taxi`s just like a normal aircraft. One thing i noticed it does take off and land in quite a short...
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    FS2004 Adding AI aircraft in FS2004

    Hi all, I am looking to start adding AI aircraft to my airports that i have made in FS2004. Can anyone recommend a good starting point to what i need etc and tutorials if possible. Many thanks Darrell.
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    FS2004 Library Creator XML problem

    Hi If i add an mdl file to Library Creator XML 3.0 it works and saves ok. I can import it into ADE and FS2004 etc with no problems. But if i try and load the original xml file back into Library Creator to add another mdl file it brings it up as red text. it looks like there is a problem...
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    FS2004 ADE Fuel trigger settings

    Hi Could someone explain the fuel trigger settings in ADE, eg AV073, AV087, AV100 etc. For some reason the FS2004 default Cessna is working fine but i cant get it to work on my Captain Sim C130. By default all are currently set to NO, I am not sure if i have select any from the 2 columns...
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    FS2004 Very low frame rates

    Hi all, I have been making a military desert airbase for some time now using ADE and Sbuilder for FS9. All was going well but now my frame rates are begining to drop significantly as i add more objects etc. Are there any guidelines which i should have followed while designing this to make...
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    FS2004 Trying to get my photographic scenery underneath my runway

    Hi, I am having problems trying to get my photographic scenery underneath my runway in FS2004. I made the photographic scenery in Google sketchup and saved it as a dae file. Then imported it into ModelConverterX, finally used the ground polygon wizard to export it as a bgl file. All is...
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    FS2004 AI Flight Planner

    Hi all, I decided to have a go at adding some AI aircraft for my airport (F2004). I have downloaded AI Flight planner. Is there anthing else i should get before i begin ? Thanks Darrell.
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    FS2004 Creating Land Class in SBuilder

    Hi all, Is it possible to make your own Land class for SBuilder (FS9) ? Regards Darrell.
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    Using the FS2002 gamepack SDK

    Hi, I have been experimenting with making my own ground textures in Gmax for FS2004. Having read many threads on this, the FS2002 gamepack SDK keeps cropping up. So would i benefit by using the FS2002 gamepack, as i already have 2004 SDK installed. Luckily I have still got my old FS2002...
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    FS2004 Hiding objects

    Hi all I am using a scenery file from the excellent mcdmil creation, and was wondering is it possible to exclude or hide the 5 big hangers from the desertairport3b.bgl showing only the tents etc. I have tried various ways in ADE9x and SBuilder FS9 but so far these have not worked. Any...
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    FS2004 Little bushes poking through runway

    Hi all Can anyone tell me if there is a way to stop little bushes from poking through my runway ? I have tried putting a concrete apron under the runway in ADE but this is having no effect. Any ideas. (I am using ADE9x and SBuilder FS9) Many thanks Darrell
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    FS2004 Textured polygon in SBuilderFS9

    Hi I have been trying to use my own textured polygon in SBuilderFS9. If i use for an example taxi_trano.bmp from from the FS2004/Texture folder it will work and display correctly, But for some reason if i create my own bitmap texture in photoshop, with the same properties i.e 256 x 256 32bit...
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    FS2004 Ground texture advice needed.

    Hi all I am in the process of making a desert military airport in FS2004. My next challenge for this is to create better ground texure as i do not like the default one i have at the moment. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which programs would be suitable for this. I have...
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    Loosing texture in FS2004

    Hi I have been experimenting with Google Sketchup Version 8, I made a simple box and covered the sides and top in Groundcover_RiverRock_4inch from the materials paint bucket. I then exported the model and saved it as a Google earth file .kmz. Next I open it into ModelConverterX and...
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    FS2004 Scenery object "Hesco Bastion"

    Hi I am in the process of making a military desert airbase in FS2004, and was wondering if anyone has made or come across a scenery object called Hesco Bastion ? I have searched the web to see if i can find any but no luck so far, I would appreciate any help or ideas if possible. Many thanks
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    Installing FSX and FS2004

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me : Is it ok to put FSX and FS2004 on the same hard drive which is running windows 7 home premium (64 bit version) ? If ok, is there any specific order to install i.e FS2004 first then FSX etc. Many thanks.
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    FS2004 Newbee Creating First Airport

    Hi I am a complete newbee when it comes to airport creation, but i am in the process of trying to make my own military airbase for FS2004 (using Airport design Editor). I have learnt the basics like laying runways, taxiways etc, but i am having real problems trying to add custom scenery...