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  1. Flattermann

    FSXA Faultfinderproblem with two runways

    Hi, I am not a newbe to ADE but for the first time I tried to construct two runways on an airport in Greece for more reality. Using ADEX v01.76.6715 (Pro): - (Ver. 00.00.7156) I added a runway to LGBL (Almiros AB). Ready I tested with the Fault Finder and it found 6 fault with the same wording...
  2. Flattermann

    FSXA Sound effects, what means radius?

    Hi, I tried to install the bellsound of a church as effect to a little village. It works but you can hear the bells 15 km distant. I tried in the Cntrl-fx as Radius 5 then 3 then 1 but there was no change.
  3. Flattermann

    FSXA Wrong file format loading SAMM?

    Hi, I used SAMM with Win7 without problems. Now I try to use SAMM with Win10. I can do this but I get error messages. I installed the latest version 2.2.06. at C:/FSX_Programme/SAMM FSX is saved at C:/FSX SDK is saved at C:/SDK Trying to start SAMM as administrator I get the message about a...
  4. Flattermann

    FSXA Why does my fuel truck stop on his way?

    Hi, I made a simple airport in Peru (SPGM) changing the stock. It works fine but the fuel truck stops on his way and doesn't reach my parking. Maybe there is something wrong with my vehicle path. I attach my ADEfile but be careful by testing because I have some special mesh for Peru. The...
  5. Flattermann

    FSXA Where to place a Thumbs-folder ?

    Hi, today I loaded down an elderly scene from AVSIM called This file contains a folder named Thumbs, containing a file named Airport_Buildings.bgl containing a lot of jpg files. The installing instructions say: The Thumbs folder contains thumbnail images of included...
  6. Flattermann

    FSXA Shoreline across the sea?

    Hi friends, today I flew from PAJN (Alaska) to NorthWest and found across the sea a shoreline (? i think so). I tried to exclude this thing with SBuilderX and partly it works. But I can't get rid of this FSX generated issue. What can I do else? Coordinates are about Lat N58° 39.98' and Long...
  7. Flattermann

    FSXA Nepal near VNRB mesh bug

    Hi, I know (pure) FSX has some mesh bugs. Such a bug is near VNBR in Nepal. Does somebody know if there exist a fix for this area? Coordinates are Lat N26° 33.40 Long E86° 44.05
  8. Flattermann

    FSX Runway choice for little and bigger aircrafts

    Hi, I use a little airfield in Pennsylvania (N31). There is a small runway with grass surface and a little bigger one (concrete). The aircrafts are unly using the conrete runway. Is there a possibility to lead them to the smaller one without closing the starts from the bigger one?
  9. Flattermann

    FSXA Decompiling TrafficAircraft.bgl problem with after compiling

    Hi friends, the default M7 has as AI problems with taxiing to the startplace. So I changed some points in the aircraft cfg. I tried to decompile the (default) trafficAircraft.bgl with AIFP3 and this works (regardless of a message witha lot of errors). I changed (substiuted) the Maule M7 260C...
  10. Flattermann

    FSXA Compiling; Path to BGL

    Dear friends, I had to install my FSXA on a new PC and I installed also new SBuilder X. It works fine but there is a little problem. Compiling a new bgl-file you have to open "BGL Compilation" and a button "Copy BGL files to BGL folder". The program doesn't find my BGL-folder and compiles to...
  11. Flattermann

    FSXA Error comunicating with FSUIPC

    Hi, I know this is not a new problem but I found no way to solve. I had to install FSXA on a new PC with Win10. It works but there is the problem with SBuilderX. I Installed FSUIPC 4.966c (17.April 2017) unregistered. I see this program in the menu Addons. FSX is installed at C:\FSX SBuilderX...
  12. Flattermann

    FSXA SDK Installation with Gold-Edition

    Hi, maybe this was asked before, Ididn't find answers in the forum: I have to install FSX in my new PC. The Guide in SDK Installation says: FSX Acceleration Pack OR FSX Gold Pack users[edit] To install the SDK for FSX Acceleration Pack OR FSX Gold Pack: 1. Install the RTM SDK from FSX Deluxe...
  13. Flattermann

    Daily shiproutes, 3 models fit into each other

    Hi, I tried to make a shiproute about 300 miles and the ship should start at 8 in the morning from A. It arrives about 18:25 the same day at B. The next day it should go back again at 8 in the morning. So it should do the whole week. This was accepted by AIBTC with the following plan...
  14. Flattermann

    FSXA Exclude AutoGen doesn't work in every case?

    I found a airport in Alaska nearby PAMC and there were autogentrees on the water. Exclude autogen with ADE doesn't work. The same was on the airport A77. Trees on the runway remain. I found some other places in this country where this function of ADE doesn't work. Why? I tried also with...
  15. Flattermann

    FSXA More troubles with autogentrees in Alaska

    Dear friends, I have big troubles with autogentrees in Alaska (see also my post: trees on the water, how to exclude). In the meantime I deactivated all addons of the world, only the standardscenery and the base remain in the library. I don't know which thing is responsible for the trees. Only...
  16. Flattermann

    FSXA Trees on the water, how to exclude?

    Hi friends, I can't get rid of trees in the water near the Alaska airport PAMC. N62° 57.45' W155° 33.63' There is a big river or stream and on this water are some tree'islands'. I tried to excude with ADE and SBuilderX, but the trees remain. I have no addons, no ORBX or similar in this...
  17. Flattermann

    FSXA Substitute problem with aircraft choosing

    Hi, sometimes it is necessary to substitute a aircraft within a flightplan. Unfortunately there is no possibility to choose a aircraft from path but only by title. I have often such problems with titles. Today I suffer again. I downloaded some AI aircrafts and gave them the title e.g. "4_GA...
  18. Flattermann

    FSXA photorealscenery on waterground, is this possible?

    Hi, I used SbuilderX for a long time but never for creating photoreal sceneries. There is a little island in the Greek Ionian sea ( better two islands) called Strofades. Coordinates are latitude N37° 15.27' longitude E21° 0.26'. FSX only shows the shorelines (see the picture). So I tried to make...
  19. Flattermann

    FSXA How can I change words in a stockairport property

    Hi all, I installed FSG_NEXTMap_World_Peru. It looks much better than the default, but there are some problems with hydrpolygons and elevations of airports. A special problem is the airport San Nicolas. FSX has there two airports with this name: SPLN and SP0A. In default FSX there is no...
  20. Flattermann

    FSXA refusing permission to land does not work

    Hi, I try to refuse permission to land at Rwy 27 with ADE. There is only one runway on a little airport. So I set on Property/Runway/Pattern /Landing "No", but my little AI nevertheless land there! I tried to change from Secundary to Primary (in case of my mistake) - but it doesn't work. AI land...