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    LOD model vs library problem

    Hi guys, i have problem with LOD model. I make LOD models (buildings) and I make library from these LOD models. Library working perfect, but, problem is, when I moving to objects, on distance circa 2 NM this object will obscuring, if is distance from this object more than 2NM object is visible...
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    3D Studio MAX X-file LOD problem

    Hello gentlemans. I have problem with export of LOD models to FS2004 via Panda X file exporter. I have 3D Studio Max 6 and I would like to export scenery object with LOD models. If I make it via FS2002 makemdl, everything is ok, but if I try it via FS2004 makemdl I have problem, LOD models...
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    FS2002 makemdl heading problem

    Hi Arno, yes Iam sure, I type heading 058.30 in Heading command box in makemdl, after I go to change export preferences (crash, lightmaps, ignore bad normals.....) and when I again check my heading the makemdl will overwrite my 058,30 heading to 058 heading and he will export scenery in this...
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    FS2002 makemdl heading problem

    Hi, I have problem with FS2002 makemdl. I need make scenery with heading where will be tenth degrees heading (058,30 degrees) and I dont know why, the FS2002 makemdl will make only entire degrees heading (058 degrees). I have idea rotate this scenery in gmax at 0,3 degree, but I dont make it...
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    How I must attach effect to object for aircraft

    I have problem in gmax. I want make RATO rocket to my model (aircraft), and I want put effect to this rockets. I try use attachtool but it is only for scenery and I dont know how I must attach smoke effect to this rocket? I can make it via smoke in aircraft.cfg file, but I want attach smoke...