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  1. Finni

    E3 2018... No Simulators in sight...

    Xplane and P3D Are definately moving forward. And what about AeroflyFS2? Also check out deadstick and aerosoft's upcoming glider simulator :) Finn Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  2. Finni

    What is the texture limit of the graphic card memory?

    If you have orbx ENNK, have a look at the texture folder. Tore made the entire airport area in 3d, and covered the ground with texture tiles. Around at least 150 of them, If I recall correctly! And that's for the apron only. You should be more concerned about draw calls - what you put in each...
  3. Finni

    Ground Polygon does not Align with Photoreal scenery.

    How did you place the bgl in the sim?
  4. Finni

    FSX A little problem modelising 3D Grass / MCX

    Yes, the ground poly wiz is only for runways and ground aprons which are flat. You can not use it for other types of models since it will make them all flat to the ground. You can use the map in mcx to place the model, or (preferred) instant scenery 3 Finn
  5. Finni

    XP11 and MSFS/P3D cross development

    Laminar should really make an SDK and export tools like LM then, to make It easier for us to add models to their sim! Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  6. Finni

    XP11 and MSFS/P3D cross development

    Being a scenery developer, i think converting my work wouldnt be too hard! After all they Are just 3d models and textures.. Bill: Are they still not offering a way to get Max models into xplane?? Finn Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  7. Finni

    FSX CYPW - Powell River Airport

    Have you tried changing the elevation in ADE to make it output another altitude.bgl file for placing in the scenery\world\scenery folder? Finn Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  8. Finni

    P3D v3 3DSMax Export Shading

    I'm thinking the normals are inverted. Try converting the model to editable mesh, select the affected polygons, and select 'flip normals' Finn
  9. Finni

    Notodden, Norway

    ** RELEASED **
  10. Finni

    Notodden, Norway

    Shouldn't be long now, guys!! // Finn
  11. Finni

    Neither layers nor Z-bias make a difference on my skid marks **confused**

    Hi there, Mousy. Any progress? Been having the same problem myself on my current project, but after much testing and failing, I figured that not all vertices were even on the Z-axis. Make sure all the vertices are on _Exactly_ the same plane before you export the model. // Finn
  12. Finni

    Notodden, Norway

    Shots are taken in P3DV2, but it will also be compatible with FSX. @Skinner_11: Gibraltar sure comes to mind! There's quite the difference though: On Notodden you have to land right above moving traffic! @joherszch: You will probably like the last image i posted on the FTX forum, then! ;)...
  13. Finni

    Notodden, Norway

    I welcome you all to visit Notodden, a small airport in the southern part of Norway! Main operations on the airport are airplane technical service and repairs, winter-storage of GA airplanes and airplane sales through Scandinavian Aircraft. There is sailplane and seaplane activities, 2...
  14. Finni

    The I am working on thread

    Welcome to Notodden, Norway :) Featuring all nearby city buildings, photoreal ground and a runway with crossing car traffic. Work in Progress notodden_02 by finni_89, on Flickr notodden_03 by finni_89, on Flickr notodden_01 by finni_89, on Flickr
  15. Finni

    FSX Request: Modelling/Programming Tutorial

    Hi fellow simmers :) After quite some time spent putting together pieces of knowledge of what is required to make an entire aircraft mod in flightsim, my jet is now coming nearer completion. There are, however, some parts that are still very unclear to me - VC's and programming the gauges...