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  1. pellelil

    Is it possible to specify model/livery from command line?

    I use ModelConverterX solely to preview repaints, and in this aspect I want to know if its possible to start ModelConveterX (e.g. from another program) with command line parameters specifying which model/repaint to import and show? Pelle
  2. pellelil

    P3D v2 How to catch numeric- and arrow keys being pressed in P3D?

    From C# catching a "normal key" being pressed inside P3D works fine for me, however I can't seem to grab keys from the numeric keypad (ideally both with and without SHIFT and CTRL-SHIFT) or the 4 arrow keys. Within P3D I have disabled most keys but a few, so these keys should not be in conflict...
  3. pellelil

    P3D v2 Access different versions of SimConnect from managed code

    In the past I've worked a lot with FSUIPC, and I like its simplicity (that the same Addon's can access different versions of FS), however there are many things you cannot acess from FSUIPC. So therefor I have just begun look at the Prepar3d (v2.5) SDK, and I am trying to learn how to access P3D...
  4. pellelil

    Transition between Views (Cameras)

    So far using the Default CameraDefinitions for PMDG B737 (in P3Dv2.5) I am trying to get "smooth" transition from one camera-view to the next. Accordingly to what I can find of information regarding "" within the aircraft.cfg file, it should be enough to add "Transition=Yes"...