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    Runtime Error

    After a system rebuild I have re-installed Library Creator XML but every time I try to make a library it shows Run-time Error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set Can anyone help? What does it mean? :)
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    XML Flattens

    How do I do xml flattens in FS9. I have tried Flattex, FSSC an niether work and I cant find anything else on the net that explains it. Dont worry about I have it sorted :)
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    User Library

    Hi, Were can I get some vehicle libraries (preferably UK cars, lorries, etc) and how do I add them to ObPlacer XML?
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    Excludes ...whats going on

    Guys I'm using Excbuilder V2 to try a create and exclude to get rid off Autogen trees and buildings, but for some reason it isnt creating a bgl file. Here's the source code..... <?xml version="1.0"?> <FSData version = "9.0" xmlns:xsi=''...