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    All New Flight Simulator X Mission - Earthquake!

    This is a very interesting discussion. I would like to introduce another issue: the mission should be enjoyable. One of the key points that make the standard missions enjoyable is the fact that you know if you are doing (or not) what you are expected to do. I mean, if your target is north...
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    Where can i find a formulae for increment a lat-lon position?

    I don't know the exact web but Google for GFC or GFCSharp. They are C++ and c# libs and both have that function (and many others, with source code). Best Regards, Javier.
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    Last SDE Build for a while

    Ok, then... not a lib, just a quick hack to test during your flight tomorrow :D I don't know if it contains everything you can need but it's a skeleton you can modify as you want (or ask for it :rolleyes: ) Have a safe trip, enjoy your holidays and see you then. Best Regards, Javier.
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    Last SDE Build for a while

    I become too enthusiastic then :) Sorry, I think you are right. I also only use the ATX to get the routes. Are you interested in a small class to interface with FSX using SimConnect? I can clean some code so the user could have the option to choose between FSUIPC and SimConnect. Just let me...
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    Last SDE Build for a while

    Hi Jon, Is it possible to get the waypoints using the dll? I have tried: ArrayList airportsList = bglFile.AirportList; ... Airport airport = (Airport)airportsList[i]; ... but airports.Waypoints.Count is always cero even if the airport shows waypoints in your TestApp. Also I'm not...
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    Scenery Design Engine Build 2555 Available

    Hi Jon, I have been thinking in something like that but it will force a lot of changes in my code here and there. Anyway, don't mind, I can still live with 0.3 version and I'll wait for a more stable dll. It's my fault to start using a beta! ;) I think your approach has a lot of sense...
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    Scenery Design Engine Build 2555 Available

    Hi Jon, I see... I understand the reason behind that because your GUI but, in my opinion, it makes more difficult to use your library for any other application. I think I'll keep your old dll version until that. It had very convenient access to almost everything. As I see in the object...
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    Scenery Design Engine Build 2555 Available

    Hi Jon, I haven't tried this last version yet (holidays, you know) but you are doing a huge effort to facilitate other addons tasks. Actually, I started to decode some files but now I'm following your path... Best Regards, Javier.
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    De-compiling routes

    Maybe I don't understand your question but each route actually has 33 bytes. To decode it/them you can do something like this: beginRoute = 28; routesTotalLength = waypointSize - 28; while(beginRoute < routesTotalLength) { DecodeBlaBlaBla(...); beginRoute+=33; } Regards, Javier.
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    Simconnect program as DLL

    That is the normal way to export managed code that will be used from unmanaged code but I tried another approach. To keep it simple, I have a standard managed dll solution with a DLLStart() that just has a "xx=new Form()", my main form. It is showed only when called from menu. The rest of...
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    Scenery Design Engine Test Build 61217

    Hi Jon, I don't know if it has any consequences compiling the xml but I think you are missing the "fuel availability" field when decoding airports (offset 48). Fuel type and availability are embedded in 4 bytes. Best Regards, Javier.
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    Scenery Design Engine New Build

    Hi Jon, Many thanks. Your program is actually very useful for the moving map I'm trying to finish. Do you have any plans to decode the dem*.bgl files? I haven't been able to find any info about their format and I would like to put some mountains on the map so planning VFR become easier (and...
  13. J example in SP1 of SDK

    The bible: Best Regards, Javier.
  14. J example in SP1 of SDK

    The bible: Best Regards, Javier.
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    Simconnect program as DLL

    Well, the missed point is that FSX is unmanaged code and your dll is managed. What you are trying to do is possible but a total mess. You cannot do it directly from VS. It involves some manual dll editing and a good knowlodge of IL. I did some concept experiments (with success) but I ended...
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    Scenery Design Engine New Build

    Hi Jon, It seems I'm the comma-buster :D There are still some commas as decimal points (in non english systems) when you export or view xml in Helipad, VOR, Start or Vasi. Maybe others also as I haven't looked in detail. Not important in this moment, just for your info. Best...
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    Scenery Design Engine New Build

    Hi Jon, If you are using c# you can try ToString(..., NumberFormatInfo.InvariantInfo). and you will be printing a point as decimal separator even here at Spain where we also use a comma (or maybe you are already doing it and the problem is another one...:confused: ). I'm eager too to see...
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    Adventures of the New Guy

    The same here. STRUCT LATLONALT works perfectly so maybe is just a bug for the PBH variable. Javier.
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    Touchdown detection

    Exactly. You can find, in the same airport, concrete on the runway, on the taxiways, on the parking... so not very reliable to know if you have landed where you are supposed to do. What is interesting about this variable is that you get the right value even when you are flying. I think...