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    Black textures

    Hi guys I have a problem with textures. I have made some stuff in FSDS and textured them ok. I have made a MDL for the project. and created a BGL of the MDL for use with instant scenery to place them in FSX. I made a couple of signs with photoshop and saved them as a 8 bit BMP file. they...
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    Moving Doors on Buildings

    HI guys I dont know were Arno has put it but I did a tutorial a while back on making doors move . If you take a look in the search menu you might fine it or maybe Arno will see this a post the link to it. but it is easy to read and use. hope this helps you all. or go over here and get it...
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    Output folder for FSDS 3.5.1

    Guys Don't know if this will help or if this is what you are looking for . but if you will go and open up FSDS V3.5 and then go to file and then Preferences you can pick what flight sim you are designing for and how to compile it and there you can set were to have your files saved to . I always...
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    rotate to user problem

    just my two cents worth here. You have to always put your object at north when you place it in EZ-scenery "I dont know about instant scenry I just got it and havent plyed woth it yet" If you dont place it at the north heading . you will not see it. It is turning but you only see the back side...
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    connect prob

    Ok I need some help. I finely got sim connect to connect to FSX. but now I cant get instant scenery to work . can some one help me and tell me what they did to get it to work with fsxplanner. I set the simconnect XML this way <SimBase.Document Type="SimConnect" version="1,0">...
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    FSDS Command : Join parts (Ctrl+J)

    one way that I do it is to save the parts before you join them. that way you can edit the parts again. once you join them . it is very hard to unjoin them. woody
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    How to use .dds textures in Gmax?

    Thanks for the quick answer. I guess I am going to have to do a lot of reading to get this FSX to work right. but that is the fun I guess learning something new. woody
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    How to use .dds textures in Gmax?

    Arno I have a question on the DDS format of texture. does the new imagetool convert the textures to a DDS format for you. I am just now getting around to reading the new SDK and I am lost in it. any help on the new texture format will help a lot Thanks woody
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    stopping crash detection on objects

    thanks Arno and all for the help. will give that a try. thanks woody
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    stopping crash detection on objects

    Hi all Is there a way to stop the crash detection when you make object in Gmax. I have made some bolders and when I look at the bounding box around the boulders they dont look to much bigger then the object they are made for . but some people are getting a crash when they fly by them slow and...
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    Looking for camping tents

    Bob Count me in on a tutorial I am always up to learning a new way to make things to give out to other to use. If I can help any let me know and I will try my best to work on it. woody
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    effects in FSDS V3

    Hi need some help with effects . I am making some cabins and want to have smoke coming out of the chimemy. I am making them to go into a library and want to have the smoke go with them. I know I can put smoke at the place that I put them after the fact but I would like to have it in the library...
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    Is it possible to export textures??

    Arno I have been reading this thread with interest. and I always see that the textures should be in a DXT format. Does having the texture in that format really help the frame rates. and would it be possable for you or some one to post a batch file on how to change the textures to DXT format...
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    CAT bugfix available

    Thanks Arno for the update. I will surely use it. woody
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    get a error

    Hi Arno Not a problem just glad that you were able to fine the trouble without a lot of work. I can wait for the new CAT. you make some nice tools to work with so not a problem. woody
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    get a error

    HI Arno glad that you found the problem. Should I just redownload the Cat program over again or will the fix be in the next version. thanks for all the time and all the good tools that you make for us to use to make Flight sim better. woody
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    get a error

    Yes Arno that is what I am doing . on the first screen I set the condition for the animation as distance to plane. then as in you video I wanted to make a second condition so the door would not open up at night. but when i went to set the additional animation condition as the time of day when I...
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    get a error

    Arno I am using your CAT program and I can set the first animation like distance to plane . but when I try to set the second condition "like time of day" I get a error " run time error 340 control element 3 doesnt exist. I am using a ASM file from FSDS V3. any thoughts as to what is happening...
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    Hanger animation

    Was wondering if any one got hanger doors to open with a animation I cant seem to fine the tutorial and I just cant get this figured out. any ideas and any help would be appreacated. I am making a sessior door one that is hinged in the middle and goes up. woody
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    Boolean cuts

    thanks noshades A great tutorial. I have always had a hard time doing a boolean cut. I have to try this and see what it does. sounds like just want I wanted to do. I am trying to make See thru windows and I think this is just what I have to do to make them work. I will get back to you and...