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  1. asasino

    Pushback for FS 2004

  2. asasino

    FS2004 Push back gauge

    I'm trying to make an airport specific push back gauge. So far I have managed to make the pushback usign the <Click Event="TOGGLE_PUSHBACK" /> How can I make the plane turn at the end of the push? Thank you in advance
  3. asasino

    Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla" - LYBE 4.0

    Thanx to Arno and this site new Belgrade airport is now completed. The project is payware but the price is really economic ;) I won't put the link to our site since I'm not sure if it's allowed, but you can search the google or simmarket for LYBE 4.0. Enjoy... P.S. Arno if you read this...
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    Runway lights over custom poly

    I'm sorry if this problem is already solved somewhere else in the forum, I couldn't find it.
  5. asasino

    Dynamic scenery - road traffic tutorial

    OK, people after doing a lot of research and testing I have finally managed to crack the art of making the dynamic scenery, like the highway traffic and the airport support vehicles. I did find a lot of material about this subject, but none of them seemed to explain the whole process but rather...
  6. asasino

    Position the objects using FS2002 SDK

    Here's my problem: How to precisely position the object that was made by the 2002 gamepack? In FS2004 it's possible to use various object placement tools and type in the coordinates in decimals so it's very precise, but when I try positioning the object made with FS2002 I can only use the...
  7. asasino

    Compile error

    I'm using MDL Tweaker II (the zipped version) and have ran the batch file in order to install the .dll. Now, I made a simple object using the FS2004 SDK (Gmax) and by using the Tweaker I have added a rotate to user option. After doing that I press "save" in the program and I get a mdl file, for...
  8. asasino

    Improve performance

    I was wondering if I make an object with FS200 SDK (Gmax) and tweak the asm code for the object to be visible only from 10 meters, will the object not being visible from distance improve the performance? That is, is there a diffrence between object not and being vidible using this method...
  9. asasino

    PAPI Lights - How Do They Do It?

    OK, like the rest of the people here I made a PAPI using LIGHT_NAV and off course it's not visible from far away. :D When I look at some payware scenery, their PAPI's are also hand made because there aren't any in AFCAD. The only difference is that their lights are visible from far away. My...
  10. asasino

    Separation Plane - distance problem

    Hi, I'm trying to make runway lights that are visible from one side and not the other. I have followed the PAPI tutorial and know how to make a vector for a separation plane and it works fine-they are visible only on one side. I used the "Wrong side" part of the code to make them visible only...
  11. asasino

    Night map during the day?

    Is it anyhow possible to make an GMAX model use it's night map all the time? I would like to make taxi lights as scenery object coated with a light texture and then tweak the code to make it appear only at night/dusk/dawn. The problem is that during the dusk/dawn period the light texture...
  12. asasino

    Make light in FS2004 SDK

    Hey all, I'll get right to the point: I have managed to make lights in Gmax by using the FS2002 gamepack and tweak the asm files with no problems, but when I try to make it with the FS2004 I have a problem. All the tutorials say to tweak the asm, but it can't be done since this gamepack...
  13. asasino

    Custom runway texture

    Hello everyone, been tryin' to make a custom runway and so far all is going well (didn't come to the light part yet :D ). One thing bothers me dough: When I look at payware sceneries, all of them have a base runway texture (asphalt) semi transparent and over it other layers (lines, skidmarks...
  14. asasino

    Key input - XML Gauge

    OK, I know the basics of XML gauge programming but one thing bothers me; how to make a key input do something? For example, I want that when user presses "K" key that my gauge cuts the throttle. I know how to achieve this with a click command, but what ever I do I can't make it react to key...
  15. asasino

    Place ground polygon

    Ok, I finally got my hands on the FS2002 2 CD ie the famous gamepack and am now able to get the asm code and tweak it to make the ground polys :stirthepo. Now the problem is I don't know how to position it precisely. For the XML object I used EZ Scenery but it doesn't seem to recognize these...
  16. asasino

    Ground polys - again!

    Hi Arno and the gang. I, like the rest of the world, would like to make ground polys for FS2004(runway, taxiways, apron...) and I know that I need the FS2002 Pro developer pack. The thing is that I don't know on which CD-folder-cab it is located. So if someone could please tell me the exact...