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    Where is global environment map?

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    FSXA Making sloping runway and taxiways - FSX

    I've been asked to create a flight sim video about a mission that was flown 48 years ago by the USAF by one of the pilots involved in the mission. The newsreel movies that show the bases that the mission were flown from show the runways and long taxiways had a very prominent slope to them. The...
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    Flashing city lights - is it possible

    Hello, I've been asked to make a flight sim video about the DC-2 and it's flight in the MacRobertson London to Melbourne air race in 1934. One of the more interesting parts of this flight is when the town of Albury flashed it's street lights in morse code to show the circling plane where it...
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    Adding wake to AI ship

    I'm going through the process of converting a pilotable ship model into an AI version. I'm testing the AI ship using AIcarriers. The model shows up and moves properly, but there is no wake effect. Other ships load properly and have different wake effects. Does anyone know how to add a wake...
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    What is the secret to animating bones for pilot arm

    I've been struggling with trying to figure out how to animate the pilot's arm that moves a joystick using a bone system in Gmax. According to the SDK, you're suppose to animate the bone system with the left right animations and a set of dummies that are linked to the bones are suppose to have...