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    Black textures

    Hi guys I have a problem with textures. I have made some stuff in FSDS and textured them ok. I have made a MDL for the project. and created a BGL of the MDL for use with instant scenery to place them in FSX. I made a couple of signs with photoshop and saved them as a 8 bit BMP file. they...
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    stopping crash detection on objects

    Hi all Is there a way to stop the crash detection when you make object in Gmax. I have made some bolders and when I look at the bounding box around the boulders they dont look to much bigger then the object they are made for . but some people are getting a crash when they fly by them slow and...
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    effects in FSDS V3

    Hi need some help with effects . I am making some cabins and want to have smoke coming out of the chimemy. I am making them to go into a library and want to have the smoke go with them. I know I can put smoke at the place that I put them after the fact but I would like to have it in the library...
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    get a error

    Arno I am using your CAT program and I can set the first animation like distance to plane . but when I try to set the second condition "like time of day" I get a error " run time error 340 control element 3 doesnt exist. I am using a ASM file from FSDS V3. any thoughts as to what is happening...
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    working with Effects

    Hi all I am just starting to work on putting Effects and was wondering if there is a program that I can use to preview the effects that are in flightsim so I can see what they look like . I know they are named and that pretty much says what they are. but I would like to see them if possible...
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    making a API file from GMAX

    Hi Arno It seems that I saw it somewhere that you can design something in Gmax and export it then turn that into a API file. I did a search on the site but didnt fine any thing. I dont know if it is possable or not. any help. I have all the ASM files and then MDL file. woody :wave:
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    effects in FSSD2

    Hi Just was using FSSD2 again and made some things and was wondering if there is a way to put effects with it. like smoke or fire. I am making a small Oil pot which I would like to show at dusk . I am making some scenery for Golden wings and I want to use this for marking grass runways so...
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    Error in Gmax export

    Hi Arno If you get time would you look at this and try to tell me what I did wrong. I made a smugpot in gmax and textured it and tryed to export it and I come up with a assertion failed messge. I am attaching a screen shot for you. I am able to export other things. I would send you the Gmax...
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    question on library xml

    Hi Arno I was wondering if it was possable to get a object out of one of the other scenery BGL files. what I am looking for is a tower in the fs9\scenery\namec\AP925190.BGL I dont know how to make it in Gmax and the one I want to use is in flight sim I or We just have to figure out if I can...
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    Library Creator xml for other flight sim installs

    Arno Is there a way to make a new library file for a new install of flightsim. I have just installed Bill lyons Golden wings 3 . which is a new install of flightsim so I have two flightsims installed on the computer and I would like to make a library file for that . It has a lot of new things...
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    Gmax Textures

    Arno Sorry to bother you again. Still having trouble with seeing textures in FS. I was able to texture the stairs in Gmax and see them there. I was able to export the stairs to FS and can see them there, but the texture is not showing up in FS9 :banghead: . Does it matter were I put the...
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    can't save xml file

    HI Arno I still having trouble with my Pier. I made it in gmax and exported it . opened up the xml file and edited it with the long and lat that I need but it will not save. I dont now what I am doing wrong. I have attached the xml file and the gmax file also and the mdl file so you can look...
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    trouble with textures

    Hi Arno I have a question on texturing. I think I now have the scale thing going ok. I just made a pier again (each section is 14' and the post or 1'). But now when I went to texture it the boards are to big looking. I have enclosed the zip file with the texture and the XML file and the Gmax...
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    The order of using thing's.

    Arno Not sure if this is the right place for this but will ask anyway and you can put it in the right place if you will. (I know I won't ask this right) But I think this could be a great thing for us newbie's just starting out. I know how to design stuff with Gmax. "still have a long way to...
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    Scaling in Gmax

    A quick question on Scaling in Gmax. I have made a Pier in Gmax and when I did it I had the grid set to 1' so I could draw it to scale. When I exported it and put it into flight sim it was way to small. I see that in the XML file there is a place for scaling. But I thought that if I make it to...
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    Having trouble Exporting in gmax

    Arno I just made a simple hanger in Gmax and wanted to try as see if I could see it in FS9. when I tried to export it i get the error " MakeMDL was not found. or failed to convert the model specified to a .MDL file " I check to see if MakeMDL was in the plugin folder and it is there. What...
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    putting name on runway

    Hi guys I just made a runway with AFCAD2 for a airport that I am modeling. It is a private airport and has the name and runway marking on it. I would like to copy it but am at a lost. Do I have to do it in a paint program and import it or is there a way with AFCAD2. thanks for any help woody
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    making a exclusion with BGLCOMP

    Arno sorry to bother you again. I am trying to make a Exclusion bgl and I have done the code with Notepad. and tried to compile it and it says that it can't fine the file. can you please take a look at the code and see what i did wrong in writhing it. I am attaching the code so you can take...
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    Need some Gmax setup help

    Hi guys need some help in setting up Gmax. other then the gamepack and makemdl what other files should I have in the plugins folder. I have heard of middle man and mdlcommander. should they also be in the plugin folder . and what do they do. thanks for any help you can give me. woody
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    ObPlacer compilation problem

    Objectplacer trouble Hi Arno I am trying to place a API file and when i run objectplacer It says that it is placed ok but when i ry to comple it from with in the program i get a error saying (Runtime Error 53 file not found) wha tfile is it looking for I have SCASM file in the same folder...