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    ssub - extracting data from a String for comparison and use

    In a fight plan I have some waypoints that have TGT contained in their ID . The placement of the TGT in the ident is done on purpose . If I use this script , %((A:GPS WP NEXT ID, string) 0 3 ssub 'TGT' scmp 0 ==)%!s!% Then as I progress through the flight plan it it returns 1 if TGT is in...
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    Timer - 2 diff displays - 2 diff durations -same location

    I have a timer that is triggered at 6 nm to go to a target , it displays a low impact text reminder message ( SET BOMBS ) once every 8 seconds during a maximum duration period of 40 seconds , only if zero bombs were set in another instrument , if one or more bombs are set it will either switch...
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    K:Variable in Element section - Single switching ?

    I have the following , it's intent is to automatically release a bomb at , - 5.1 seconds to go to target/impact , if aircraft is at 400kts and 500'agl . <!-- trigger bomb release switch --> <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:TTR time, seconds) 4.99 &gt; (L:TTR...
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    How to write a 4 condition Macro

    I have the following 4 conditions that need to be covered in a Macro , the first 2 conditions work , but the third and forth are not working . <Macro id="Lubber_Axis" Name="Lubber_Axis"> <MacroValue> (L:GrndMap_Variant,enum) 5 == (L:TrackUp, bool) 0 == and...
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    Calculating precise Distance and Course to a Lat/Long position

    I am trying to get high order precision Distance and Course from the user aircraft to a user nominated Latitude-Longitude. I have seen several references to the following link; therefore , I presume that the subject maths has been converted into xml...
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    Loop selected line colour highlighting - ?

    I have the following page in a MFD, The yellow boxed area lists the runways that exist for a previously selected airport. The following is the relevant Loop that generates those lines, <Element> <Position X="28" Y="65"/> <FormattedText X="172" Y="110" Bright="Yes" Font="glassga"...
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    Storage of GPS variables

    I have a need to store some GPS Variables for subsequent independant use. Is it possible to force them to L:Variables as shown below. <!-- Airport --> ((@c:WaypointAirportName) (&gt;L:TooName)) ((@c:WaypointAirportCity) (&gt;L:TooCity)) ((@c:WaypointAirportIdent) (&gt;L:TooIdent)) <!--...
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    Formatted Text - Readout moves across horizontally

    I have a small instrument that successfully generates all the text readouts that I require. In this Element section, <!-- WING SWEEP Degrees --> <Element> <Position X="6" Y="6"/> <FormattedText X="75" Y="11" Font="Tahoma" FontSize="10" Tabs="1L,37L"...
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    Mark Position final version - Full Code

    I have finally finished the Mark Position instrument. Attached is a zip with the instrument , 4 pages of notes , and some screenshots. It can be loaded a flown , or the code might be of interest. The code is provided for unlimited use by anyone . There are no restrictions or limitations on the...
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    Circuit width - a better way ?

    I have developed a method to calculate the circuit width , however I suspect that the five element sections might possibly be all incorporated into one element section , but I have no idea how to do it. It's in a previously mentioned "Mark Position" instrument. Basics :- 1. You capture the...
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    Mark Position - GEOCALC reciprocal runway ?

    I made a "MARK POSITION" instrument that can be used to conduct ILS like precision approach and landings at any location such as :- roads , paddocks , ordinary small airfields , rivers , lakes and on oceans. It saves , 1. a precise Lat/Long spot (used as touchdown point of runway) 2. a...
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    Mark Position

    Some military aircraft have a "MARK POSITION" facility whereby the pilot clicks a button and the aircraft's exact position at that instant is frozen and stored. That mark position can be used for a variety of purposes , including subsequent guidance to return to that exact location. I have...
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    Calculating Glideslope

    I am trying to calculate the current glideslope angle in degrees to a known ground position . Horizontal distance is. (L:DistanceMarkPos,nmiles) 6076 * Vertical distance is, (A:Indicated Altitude, feet) (L:MarkGROUND ALTITUDE, feet) - I tried the following without success , %((A:Indicated...
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    How to sense and negate a value ?

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    FSX Radar Stand Off/ Panning display aspects .

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    FSX Getting Reciprocal of Runway Heading ?

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    FSX Radar for Global reach Navigation and Flight Planning - Help Pls.

    I have a Radar that has multiple functions and multiple modes. The display modes are as follows: (L:GrndMap_Variant,enum) 0 = Map at aircraft current position . (L:GrndMap_Variant,enum) 1 = Map at aircraft current position . (L:GrndMap_Variant,enum) 2 = Scrollable Fligt Plan list text ...
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    FSX Programmable switch , help needed ?

    I need a switch that can be set or programmed to repeat it's switching functions by the set number of times , and to space each switch by a time interval that can also be set. That might be confusing , the following steps might be clearer. Step 1. Set the number of times that the...
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    FSX Conditional statement in formatted text

    I have the following formatted text in an instrument. <!--Target--> <Element id="Target_Data"> <FloatPosition>0.000,30.000</FloatPosition> <Visibility>(L:TGTscript, number) 1 ==</Visibility> <GaugeText id="target">...
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    FSXA Is it possible to read the Saved Flight Plans ?

    Is it possible to access and read the "Flight Simulator X files folder " where the saved flight plans are stored using an xml based instrument ? Cheers Karol