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    ACM don't run if the user session is with restricted rights

    Dear arno, thank you for your work. I am faced with the problem of using the ACM in the Windows' session with limited rights (that is, not with admin rights). After starting the program from the command line (with 'install p3dv4' parameter), the main program window (with the choice of the...
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    How to get the path to current panel.cfg file

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    Porting FS9 aircraft into FSX - clicks sound

    Hello! I'm now converting FS9 airplan into FSX version. In FS9 version switches' sound clicks are linked with K:TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER2 event in XML-gauges. In FSX this variant does not work correctly and is interfering. Question is: how to do sounds click if FSX instead of K:TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER2?
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    FSX SimConnect & Borland C++ Builder problems

    Hi, guys... My simple dll example is failed when inserting SimConnect_Open function. I inserted logging operators into definitions of DLLMain, DLLStart and DLLStop functions. Logging is failed when SimConnect_Open function is presented in the code. I have an impression that my dll is bypassed...