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  1. diegoamd

    P3D v3 [SOLVED] PAPI Lights with SODE – offset problem

    Hi all. I’ve a problem on the offset of separation planes for the PAPI lighs. I’m working on the papi lighs, beginning from the demo PAPI lighs and it show correctly, but the PAPI of the airport I’m developing are not on the same line (see the attached pictures in the link below)...
  2. diegoamd

    Hide some Custom Ground Polys

    Hi. Is there a way to hide some ground polygon in the ADE editor? In a complex airport the custom ground lines and ground polygons are many, and often many of them are superimposed, and it cause some confusion. I.E. in the gate area I make many polygons, for dirt, ground sign and so on. Bacause...
  3. diegoamd

    WIGWAG Lights flickering

    Hi all. I'm using ALT to create some airports light in an FSX scenery. Making WigWag I've many flickering issues and bad light show on the objects. In attach you can see the problem and setting used to create the WIGWAG object. Can someone help me to understand what's wrong in this object...
  4. diegoamd

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