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    Is there a file size limit regarding an attachment to a PM?

    The title says it all. TIA
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    XML code problem

    I've added two reference markers to an altimeter. They will indicate an altitude value based on what the altimeter barometric setting is. I want them to move only when I change the KOHLSMAN setting. I made the below test code to see what happens when I change the KOHLSMAN setting. The code...
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    FSX SBX set as hole problem

    Maybe I just had brain fade, but for some reason I can't get some islands to appear in FSX. I have done several of these islands previously without any problem, so I think that I must have "spaced" on something when I did this group. I had just done the two on the left and as far as I know...
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    FSX ExtDigit Macro and rotating numbers with a decimal

    I have a three digit DME that displays the distance with tenths when it is less than 99.9 miles. I'm trying to follow the Extracting Digits Wiki for the following: "Rotating Drum Example To simulate a Rotating Drum number using a value of three integer digits (for example (L:Var, number) =...
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    Possible new Collada reader problem

    The color in the attached .dae is from a .png I imported into Sketchup 8 and then set the transparency on it to 20. If I import it into any version of MCX prior to the reader change, it appears like the glass pane that I expect to see. There are display issues with it in FSX, but I think that...
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    Attach file

    Lets see...
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    FSX XML hydraulic system engine map

    In the threads that I looked at on hydraulic systems, I didn't find anything similar to this. This is a plane with four piston engines. I wanted to have pumps on engines two and three only, so I changed the engine_map in an aircraft.cfg to this: [hydraulic_system] normal_pressure = 2600...
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    XML gauge conflict?

    This is in a VC in FSX. This is supposed to be an oil transfer system. The oil goes from a reserve tank to one of four engine tanks. The oil quantities are stored between sessions using dsd_xml_config. To transfer oil, you open a 2D window, click on a tank number selector gauge which sets...
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    Elementary XML L:Vars question

    I have very little experience with XML and gauge programming. If it matters, this relates to gauges in a VC in FSX. The gauges use FS9 syntax. A [Windowxx] is opened by clicking an icon. Two L:Vars are set by clicking on gauges in that window. In [Vcockpitxx], I would like to increment a...