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    AIs now following Sloped Runways in P3D

    We (@theisomizer and I) have been doing quite amount of R&D and accomplished the AIs to follow Sloped Runways in P3D This is an initial demo for P3D v4.5 only for you to test. The DLL installed just works with the terrain and AI to accomplish it. It is a BETA version still. To install the...
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    Sloped Runaways, Sloped Aprons and AI

    I have been reading into the limitations of making an AI behave correctly in sloped runways/aprons. As far as I understand, in P3D (and FSX) the AI follow the reference altitude and not the current terrain altitude. Is this correct? Also, what happens with sloped flatten polygons in airports...
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    AutoUpdated Ground Friction Libs for P3D

    We have compiled out from the SimInSDK, a ground friction static library for P3D v4 (These are the VS2017 builds, for earlier builds - VS2015/2013 just PM us - me or @theisomizer) The code auto-updates itself, so no need for recompilation of this lib for future P3D upgrades ! To use is it...
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    ATC Messages Explorer

    I have compiled a very simple UI that reads all message exchange between the ATC and the AIs in P3D v4 (this is a WIP so feedback is needed) This is for the default ATC only, it is a read only application that shows how the communication flows - this is how was designed in FSX and now...
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    FSX Read FSX Cameras - Static Lib

    I will be publishing all of my code for FSX which could be interesting maybe for someone. Here is the code to read the active camera position at any time (XYZ in meters) for FSXA-SP2-SE. Also it reads the 6DOF of the active camera. There are 4 Libs (MT, MD, MTd, MDd), you just need to link it...
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    SODE and Animations Parameters

    I have been studying animations and trying to see if some features can be made available to P3D/FSX Is there a way SODE can speed up, slow down, pause/resume existing animations ? This feature would be great to have in P3D/FSX if it is still not available yet. Thanks!
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    Use SimIn SDK to query facilities

    Hi All, We are posting a quick example (6 Step setup only!) on how to use the SimIn SDK to query facility data. Save the SimIn (x32 or x64) DLL in the same path of where your project DLL will be deployed. Step 1 Set Up the Project Preprocessor defines. Right click on your project. Select...
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    FDE GUI App

    Dear All, We have compiled a GUI and a DLL (x64 P3D) so you can manipulate the FDE parameters on the fly: Please note this is an alpha GUI for you to test. Unzip the exe and the DLL to the P3D root. Then use the dll.xml and place...
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    SimIn C Gauge - FDE Dynamic Tables

    We have compiled from the source code a C Gauge to sync with a XML gauge code to change AIR parameters on the fly. This is the list of C variables available by the gauge for read and write via XML code: C:SimInCGauge:CFG_STATIC_THRUST C:SimInCGauge:CFG_INLET_AREA...
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    Animation Ideas

    Hey All. We are very exited about the launch of the SimIn Lib The next feature will be an Animation SDK and a pure scenery object driven jetway system. Regarding the animations, we are planing to control (start, pause, resume, speed up, speed down) any current animation at runtime from any...
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    CFG parameters moved to AIR files

    Hello, I read in this post about some CFG parameters moved to the AIR files in FSX and onwards. What other CFG variables are overridden by their respective AIR files parameters ? Thanks
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    Extrusion Bridges

    I have been looking at the BGL format on Extrusion Bridges in the wiki When looking at the polylines points, the altitude values for the mid points show very high values > 3000. After reading Arno's post on how to calculate the offset displacement, it does not make any sense these values that...
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    Maximum Autogen Buildings' Height

    What is the maximum generated buildings' height? In FSX and P3D SDK mentions 12 Floors. Is this correct? Is there anyway you can create taller buildings? Thanks
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    Shp2Vec Vector Slopes

    Can you create vector polygons with slopes and custom textures? I just see this attribute only for water polygons. Thanks
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    AI and ATC SDK

    I was wondering what is possible to do and what is not possible to do via the P3D/FSX SDK and FSUIPC regarding AI traffic and ATC features. For example, can you assign a runway for an AI to land depending on wind? Any insights on the restrictions of both SDK and FSUIPC are appreciated. Thanks
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    P3Dv4 Material Scripting

    Is there any default BGL or MDL object that has material scripting already embedded in it? I need one existing object to do some tests. If there is any, can I create and attach a script to an existing MDL/BGL via MCX? Thanks
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    Custom Animations

    I am looking for interested C/C++/C# developers and modelers to team together to put forward this project for Custom (Procedural) Bone Animations for FSX/P3D Objects. This is not a paid position, I am looking for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to work in this unique feature. I can share what...
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    P3D v3 P3D BGL Format

    Is this format still valid for P3D? Thanks
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    MDL Inverse Kinematics

    Maybe this question is more geared to Arno. How is the Offset Matrix (bone's transformation) stored in the MDL ? Where are these inverse matrices stored? Do IKJC or IKCL have any information? Thanks
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    BGL FS9 OpCodes

    I am trying to find the original detailed documentation on FS9 BGL Opcodes. I downloaded BGLC_9 but can't find in the html the detailed explanation For example, extracted from: BGL_TEXTURE_LIST (0xB7) Provides a list textures...