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    FSX Mesh disappears as I get closer

    I'm creating a mesh from a height maps transformed into a geotiff and converted in a bgl with resample. The mesh appears correctly but as I get closer it disappears and I'm going through. Any idea why? The thing is, if I get the mesh less higher, it perfectly fine. So is there too much...
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    FSX Confused about parallel runways

    Let's say I have two parallel runways: 27L - 09R 27R - 09L When the wind comes from the west, the planes should take off from 09R and land on 09L. When the wind blows from the opposite direction, the plane should land 27L and take off from 27R. Is it possible with FSX? In this case...
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    Custom DEM creation with grises50

    Discussion thread for Custom DEM creation with grises50. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.