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    FS Software Process, Development, and Quality

    The State of FS Development I'll try to keep this simple as I'm hoping for dialog. By now, after 30 years in existence, and perhaps 20+ where an ancillary 3rd-party add-on scene/market has been afoot, I've taken some time to reflect on the software processes for making flightsim add-ons. Over...
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    Perf information pages?

    Is there a willingness to create and invite contributions regarding fsx.cfg and other performance settings/tweaks here on the wiki? Over at the avsim forums, people like Jesus Altuve and Nick N. both have shared quite a bit of information that is BEGGING to be collated into wiki entries here...
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    Runway Numbers - What Technique?

    Hello, I wasn't sure how to word a search for this, so I'm trying to be direct with this question. Given the image below, what technique can I use to get these numbers onto the taxiway? I've mainly used Airport Design Editor to "spruce up" and correct default scenery and I've made an...
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    Development platform?

    I tried to search for MFC but the search function won't allow a search on a term that short... The question: Do you find that you tend to use C#/.NET or C++ for your SimConnect apps? If you use C++, do you tend to use MFC? If you do use MFC, can you recommend a good book and/or reference...
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    FSX shapes -> KML

    Hi, I have asked this question in a few other threads and think that the question may have been missed: "Is there a way to get shapes and geometry in FSX, such as coastlines, QMID11 water tiles and such out of a BGL and into KML? It seems like I'll need this to replace water when making...
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    ATC Voicepack and otherwise

    I heard it somewhere that ACES believed that online ATC was the future and that the canned ATC in the game is a deadend idea. I'd like to put in my vote that the need for the AI ATC is NOT DEAD. Years of watching SATCO/VATSIM have brought a few conclusions: 1) online ATC with other humans...
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    Crafting a flight model

    As I peruse the last 3 editions of the SDK (not counting the 3 within-release versions this time), I am struck by the lack of information and tools on how to craft an accurate flight model from scratch. In a flight simulator, it is of equal or greater importance that a developer of add-ons be...
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    PartDataDef.txt question

    Is this "trick" for MakeMDL only?
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    Once GMAX is gone, then what?

    I hear that FSX is the end of the line for GMAX and FS. Do you think Microsoft/ACES will offer us a tool or at least accept an .x (or .fbx) file from any package which will export one? I fear the ability for an amateur to "tinker" will evaporate as the costs increase such that only top-level...
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    Any future to gmax?

    I am continuing thoughts that I posted at the end of a "3ds v gmax" thread here. I think the future of 3DS max is relatively secure as the platform for developing additional models in Flightsim, however, what is the future of gmax? It seems like gmax was included with much ballyhoo and...
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    looks like fsds3 will continue to be player...
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    Happy Birthday Arno!

    I noticed at the bottom of the forum that it is Arno's birthday. Arno, I appreciate this site (and before it) as a authentic source of useful information for content creation in MSFS. Cheers!
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    Attaching FX to FSDSv3 MDL? via XML?

    Hello, I've created a log cabin and wish to add smoke coming from the chimney. I've read the Special Effects SDK and I see that it requires the use of XML source files for creating the effect. Is there a way to attach a smoke plume to a model I've created in FSDSv3? This would be my...
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    Help with MT84 Plateau

    Hello, I asked this at the AVSIM forum and haven't received a reply. I know this is an old question and the answers I've found seem conflicting (use flattens vs. use AFCAD fixes). Anyhow, please look at this picture of MT84 (near Kalispell, Montana, USA) and let me know what I can do to...
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    What do you think about this new version? Will it re-invigorate the design community given the uncertainty of GMax?