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  1. obie311

    proper way to add hangar floor?

    As you can see below, I have placed an aircraft hangar over some slightly uneven Orbx terrain in P3D V4.5. I used a Terrain Poly>Airport Background>Flatten to flatten the uneven terrain so I could put in a Concrete Apron for the hangar floor? I selected Edit Individual Points and then set the...
  2. obie311

    P3D v4 P3D V4.5 chokes on most recent ADE airport project in Orbx

    I have been trying to spruce up a default Orbx remote strip in Northern CA. 6CA6 Eagle Ridge. I imported the Orbx bgl for the airstrip and proceeded to add a few cabins, RV's, tents, old hangar, and a gas pump from freeware scenery objects. I compiled the completed project file to my usual...
  3. obie311

    P3D v4 invisible AI in VnW war project Air America

    partially visible and invisible AI planes in VnW project AA L20A I have posted this problem on several forums and have yet to receive a reply so I think I'll go direct to the "Brain Trust I recently put the VnW war project scenery into my new...
  4. obie311

    P3D v4 how to show polygons in ADE 175

    How do I get polygons to show in ADE 175? I did a search and came up with this response : Jon Masterson Wednesday Oct 15 2014 at 03:10 AM Jean-Paul You need to work from the ADE project file. Don't load back Bgl files created by ADE and work on them. Only load your work from the project...
  5. obie311

    P3D v4 broken taxiways in replacement airport for ORBX SoCal scenery

    I have made a pretty nice airport to replace the ORBX default KWJF. It worked great in FSX-SE but has broken taxiways in P3D V4. I didn't put in a poly or ground poly but the terrain is very flat up there in the high desert. I did remove the ORBX AFCADS for this airport...
  6. obie311

    P3D v4 Scenery Objects not populating airport

    I've just switched over to P3D V4.3.29.25520 and my favorite airport, KSZP, doesn't fill out with all my scenery objects in ADE 175. There are some there, but not all. I set the P3D graphics>options>world>scenery objects to "extremely complex" to show all objects. Scenery.cfg shows: [Area.170]...
  7. obie311

    what does this error code mean?

    And how to resolve it. I am running 01.67.5684.29938 ADE cannot find the Effects Folder inside your FS installation. Please check that you have a folder called "Effects" in you(r) FS installation. <snip> Well I do have an effects (l.c.) folder in my FSX-SE on my new Win 7 computer. Do I...
  8. obie311

    FSX ADE loading error w/ WinXP

    I usually get the attached error upon opening ADE. It seldom opens correctly the first time. Usually it opens and functions correctly the second or third attempt. I have no idea what "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" means. I haven't an invocation thrown at me since the...
  9. obie311

    FSX cannot capture new library thumbnails from Model Converter

    Hi Scruffy, I just updated ADE to Application 01.65.5432.14201 Engine 04.65.5431.28848. I attempted to capture some thumbnails for my ez ac shelter objects from Model Converter X. When I attempt to draw the box around the object in Model Converter it crashes ADE. This process has worked...
  10. obie311

    FSX Weird crash all of a sudden

    Today I was working on KRDD and when I went back to it, I got the attached error. I thought something was corrupted so I went back to an earlier restore point. No Joy. I then removed the current copy of ADE which was a 1.6 something or another through Revo Un Installer (backing up my Thumbs...
  11. obie311

    rectangular airport backgrounds?

    Is there a workaround for the default rectangular airport backgrounds in FSX? Not so bad on flat populated land but looks a little non-organic in a remote forested airstrip. I have a Mask Class Map exclude Autogen shape poly in my file but it only shows outside the default rectangle. Excuse...
  12. obie311

    Adobe AIR takes over ADE

    Arghhh Matey! That stupid Adobe AIR has taken over all my ADE as the default program opener. I have tried the "Open with" window in XP but it won't let me select Airport Design Editor.exe as the default opener. It was working great yesterday but some insiduous Adobe program has cut off my ADE...
  13. obie311

    overlaying aprons over taxiways

    I'm creating a RW firetanker base at KWJF. They have "pits" for loading the Phos-Check fire retardant onto the tankers. They are made of concrete where the adjoining taxiways are asphalt. I created one 100x100' concrete apron and then cloned it to make the pits. I tweaked the taxiways and...
  14. obie311

    Runway bleed thru problem?

  15. obie311

    Removing Duplicate Guids

  16. obie311

    question on "unknown" taxiway and runway surfaces

    I have created a little remote island airport that exists in the RW but is not in FSX. I have specified "unknown" surfaces for both the taxiway and runway. (see pix and textfile). The unknown runway shows the underlying photoscenery surface (which is what I want). The unknown taxiway...
  17. obie311

    Still confused about thumbnails and lmt files

    As much fun as I've had with ADE and designing some custom airports, I can't seem to wrap my mind around the organization and linking of scenery objects and thumbnails. I think we all agree that seeing a thumbnail of an object is infinitely more useful than a GUID number or filename. I have...
  18. obie311

    subtle terrain flattening

    I have modified an airport from one of the BlueSky sceneries. I opened the the airport from Gottfried's bgl. I then modified it to better represent the actual airport. As usual I have the "mesa" effect at the southern end of the rwy. The attached pix is prior to any terrain modification on...
  19. obie311

    placement of text files

    Apologies in advance if this is a basic newby question. Does ADE require that the text files for a bgl be contained in the same scenery folder? Obie