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    MCX New Error

    Suddenly getting this error message using MCX version dated 11/9/2019. This model made with FSDS 3.5 for FSX. Saved as FSX mdl. Never had issue prior. Any suggestions would appreciated.
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    P3D v4 Last File Opened - Used

    Just installed the 1.76 ADE. After settings completed, opened a airport bgl. When finished, I closed out. Question: Cannot find the "Last File Opened - Used" check mark box. Please help. Thanks.
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    P3D v4 AFLT Locks Up

    Got update today. Extracted files. Opened project. Select Add PAPI/VASI. Program locks up. Had same problem with initial download. Does this not work with P3DV4?
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    File Path Problem

    Reinstalled FSDS 3.5.1 to drive D:\. Now I have this error message. FSDS continues to search in G:\ instead of D:\. How can I correct this? Appreciate any suggestions.
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    Parking Spot Text

    What is proper way to hide parking spot text in ADE? Have version 01.76.6704. Thanks
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    ADE Can't Find Effects

    This popped up recently. Not sure what do do and where to look to correct problem. FSX Effects is not empty. Appreciate suggestions.
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    AICarrier Question

    Just purchased P3D v4 11/22/18. Using Win 10. In FSX, I use the AICarriers Java version. Will this version work with the P3D v4? Struggled trying to install the Net version with no luck. I did set the correct path in the net exe.xml. Shift+J does nothing in P3D. Works fine in FSX. Can...
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    New ADE Update

    Got the update message. First, I opened ADE and selected Check For Updates. Problem started. Got error message. Then, clicked: Got message again. Rebooted computer. Same message. Used restore from backup...
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    Need Help To Calculate Approach

    Using FSXA and AIFP. Have AI at departure airport. Have parking spot at destination airport. Distance is 167 miles. Is there a correct way to calculate approach time? Always have to depend on lucky guess.
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    FSXA MCX cfg question

    Sir, wondering if I could have the MCX program open every time to a full view screen and the hide event log closed. Looked in the cfg file but maybe settings are somewhere else. Thank you.
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    VClights Question

    Using FXEditor and FSX, I find none of the VC lights are able to be viewed. Have looked at post here but have not solved problem. Just got interested 2 days ago. Just curious why they don't show up? Thanks
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    FSXA How Can I Correct This?

    Been running into this problem lately. The top front end loader is static. The lower is animated. Where am I causing such problems when trying to animate? Looks fine in FSDS 3.5.1. Looks great in MCX. But FSX is a no go. Bucket, Lift Arms, Front End and Rear End, and wheels are animated...
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    FSXA Peculiar Problem

    Using Windows 10 64 bit. Suddenly I have a no name spot showing in FSDS 3.5.1. Any suggestions how to remove it? Appreciate any help.
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    FSXA Last File Used

    I upgraded from the v1.70 to the new 1.75. I forgot where to select the *Open Last File*. Any suggestions?
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    FSXA Cannot Join Problem

    Today I ran into this problem. First time I have encountered this problem. As you can see, the two items are selected, but under Part, the *Join* is grayed out. The body and the blade are already animated. Trying to get these pistons animated also. Using FSDS 3.5.1 and FSX 10. Thanks in...
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    FSXA FSDS 3.5.1 Error Window

    Not sure if this is normal for FSDS 3.5.1, but I have been getting a window that flashes for maybe 2-3 seconds and is is stating something about Program Files\FSX SDK\Environment. There is no way to see the full error. Is this normal? Appreciate any help.
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    FSXA Adding Points

    I turned this box to a 45 degree angle. In the red box, I was able to add the 3 points with no problem. But for some reason, I cannot repeat the process on the line with the white circles. The bottom white turned green when I used the mouse select. The top white turned yellow or white. But...
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    New Error Messages

    I got the so called microsoft creative upload 5/27. Today, trying to use AIFP 3.2.06, I suddenly start getting these errors. The bottom picture is from the traffic bgl. The top picture is from the flightplan txt. But in picture 2, now the start and end times are reversed. And notice the AC#...
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    P3D v3 Another No Connect

    Bought P3D v3 this week. Installed FSUIPC4. In P3D, when I load previous flight, description reads Saved by FSUIPC4. I open P3d program and select airport, ect. Then I open ADE 01.70.6042.17483, select P3D. The Lock button is grayed out. I click the Test button and window opens stating...
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    FSXA Latest Version

    Interested in Terrain Sculptor. Is it able to be recognized in ADE now? Keep reading about new Beta 25 (I think that is right) but can't find it anywhere. Is it still in progress?