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  1. OleBoy

    To those that have helped me along in the hobby

    To all those that have helped me in my times of struggle, as I learn my way. My gaining your knowledge and wisdom in this realm of flight simulation has helped me more than you know. You know who you are, as I have met but a few in my path. Those who could see my potential in wanting to learn, I...
  2. OleBoy

    Kaman Kmax WIP

  3. OleBoy

    1938 Aeronca K Project Update

  4. OleBoy

    Gmax Animation Manager / Groups

    I'd like to start learning how to manipulate code for different animations needed in my model. In Gamx/Animation Manager on the left, there are "Groups" ALL Group Tests Carrier Specific EH-101 Specific How would I go about creating a Group, GUID specific and visible when I open the Animation...
  5. OleBoy

    FSX Animation woes

    Problem; In FS I move the control wheel to the left, the animation looks good on all cables. I move the stick to the right, and near the end of the animation, the whole works does an about face and shoots the other way! Am I being bothersome yet? :D It's a good thing I got a haircut last...
  6. OleBoy

    FSXA Gmax Snaps issue

    For a few sessions now I've been trying to find out what happened. All of a sudden the snaps quit working. I've went through all the snap settings and anything I try does not help. I found the topic, and figured that would solve my issue...
  7. OleBoy

    FSX Oleo / Scissor link animation

    I'm hopeful I can find the help here that I need. For the life of me I can not figure out how to animate the landing struts. I have keys at 100 (Gear at full extension) and 200 (Gear at full compression) That part of the animation works fine. At full extension I click the animate button and go...
  8. OleBoy

    FSX Animations in general

    Hi everyone. I'm in the midst of doing all the animations, and I'm wondering if there is possibly a list of some sort, that shows designated animation settings (0-100/100-200) that should be used for specifics. IE: Elev, Aileron, Rudder, Compass, Struts etc, etc. Is there such a a thing...
  9. OleBoy

    FSX Look-At constraints

    RESOLVED. Delete post if you like. How to delete? Animating the Oleo Struts has been frustrating to say the least. I created two spheres to use as Look-At points for the animation of the scissor action as the Oleo tube slides. After messing around I'm finding that this method will not...
  10. OleBoy

    Aeronca "K" soundpack - Creator sought for FSX model

    I've a feeling this is a long shot, although one never knows until they try. I'm looking for anyone with experience creating sound packs for FSX models, that would be interested in helping in the sound area for my project. I have an extensive library of relative sounds and videos that can be...
  11. OleBoy

    Rearwin Speedster 6000C Project

    Another aircraft I'm working on, not seen in flight sim.
  12. OleBoy

    Aeronca "K" Modeling Project

    There I did it. I just committed myself to the mental anguish of seeing this through to completion. This is the E-113 engine that resides in the Aeronca "K". The heart of my drive to bring out this model to FSX nativity. I've a long road ahead. Already exported and tested...
  13. OleBoy

    No previous experience

    With encouragement from N2056 and Milton Schupe, I have taken the plunge into the dark side of modeling. Gmax, a cantankerous beast that will bite back at any time, without reason. My feble attempts to re-create the Aeronca "K" for FSX/ P3D. Off to a good start.
  14. OleBoy

    Gmax zoom is acting strange

    Recently I have been experiencing issues while zooming in and out in all view ports. Yesterday all was fine. Whereas I could click on a part, roll the mouse wheel, and the view would go large/small as needed. Today I started Gmax doing the usual modeling. I'm finding that when I click in any...
  15. OleBoy

    Textures & Graphics

    Hi folks. I'm in the midst of creating my textures for a new model, and a few things come to mind. Templates. Considering the formats that can be "saved-as", what is the best settings & format to save in from Adobe Photoshop for the best presentation in FSX? JPG, Tiff, etc. (Not to confuse...
  16. OleBoy

    My first SU/FSX/P3D project

    Hello everyone. I figured it's time I stopped lurking and become an active member if I really want to learn. About a year ago I started getting interests in GSU. Wanting to learn how to model a hanger gave me the drive to start learning. All considering, making the model is easy. That is...