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    Exclude for FS X

    The photos dod not come through last time. Roman
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    Exclude for FS X

    Bert, here are photos of what I did to tag. PLease let me know if you need more assistance. Roman
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    Exclude for FS X

    OK, do you mean that you built that building and got trees out of the roof, or did you simply try to exclude the whole area and out your own building there? 'll take a stab at this, having figured it out only Thursday night myself. I used Google Earth, in conjunction with FSX_KML program...
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    Controllers ignore my ILS

    Hello Feather. I am in the same boat as you are. What program did you use to create your ILS? I successfully flattened, and my AFCAD2 airport shows up in the game, all the ILS approaches work, but I need serious help in finding a program that will create the scenery files for ATC to...
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    Exclude for FS X

    Success! I was able to use Google Earth Plus (had to subscribe to get the Polygon function working), and the FSX KML program. no more autogens, perfectly flat. Next item is the grassy, or default airport boundary, so my runways and taxiways are not lying on default scenery textures. Any...
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    Can't make a simple field overlay.

    airport overlay That's exactly the same problem I am having, with a custom airport design of mine. I managed to create a successful Exclude and flatten file, with a Google Earth Plus polygon, converted into a KML file, and using the FSX KML utilities. I'm flattened, clear for takeoffs and...
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    Flatten and Autogen Exclude in FSX

    Hello Blazer. How does one go about creating a VTP 2 Poly? or an LWM flatten? Where can I find Ground 2K. Sorry for the simple questions, but I am relatively new to scenery development and am trying to learn as much as possible. I am designing my own airport in FSX and will need to exclude...
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    Exclude for FS X

    Ok Peter, I will try to do all that.. I have read numerous forums, but they discuss scenery design at a higher level. I basically understand that certain programs are needed to perform specific functions, but how to actually operate those programs is a different animal, especially since many...
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    Exclude for FS X

    Hello Peter. I have had some experiance with adding scenery in the past 2 versions of FS (FS8 and FS9). Using my FS9 AFCAD file, I was able to actually install my custom airport in FSX. Amazingly enough, the textures are updated, and I have moving airport vehicles on my property...