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    FSXA Multi-Material with FlightSimX material

    I am currently working on a scenery project with a few textures. I posted an image of the oil rig example of how they did the materials. It looks like they have added FSX material to a multi-material parent. Is this the best/normal way of doing this? I have been out of the modeling scene for a...
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    FSX:SE Texture mapping mess up?

    I almost feel silly asking for a solution to this, but I have been out of the repainting scene for about 5-6 years. :scratchch Just trying to get back into it. I am having a problem with my first test though. I have used the image tool to save my texture as a DXT5 dds yet everything seems scrambled?
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    FSXA Sound barrier

    I wasn't sure where to post this. Would there be a way to make the engine sounds cut off once you pass mach 1? Or I guess I should ask how easy would it be?
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    FSXA Two texture sheets

    I just finished making a building and I want to apply two separate texture sheets to the model to improve the quality, basically giving me HD textures. After that I am going to use LithUnwrap. I can't remember how to do this... Anyone know the steps? It's been awhile since I did this in gmax...
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    FSXA Evergreen Supertanker

    I wanted to show off the repaint I have been working on the past few days. This is a repaint of the CLS 747-200. I actually made the retardant effects a couple months ago when I made the default 747-400 into a supertanker and also made a mission where you bomb fires. As you can see by the...
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    What the font!

    So I am doing a repaint and I think I found a font that I can use. It's called Bi Bi Demi Expanded but it costs $48??? Who would pay this much for font? Anyone know a good site for free font? Maybe I can find something there. Also does anyone know what kind of font these numbers are...
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    FSXA Strait line in gmax.

    I am tracing the floor for a building with lines (spline) that I will then extrude up. I want to make sure the lines are perfectly strait. By strait I mean only allowing me to draw west/east and north/south only. What setting would I change to do this?
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    FSXA Changing Seasons

    I noticed that the trees started to change color in FSX a week or so ago. Where I live we have a good month before that happens. Anyone know of a way to change when the seasons start in FSX? Also, the sun sets about 30 mins to early.
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    FSXA Payload drop position

    I was wondering if there was anyway to make the payload drop from a different position. I would like it to drop from further back on the airplane.
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    FSXA Generic building texture numbers?

    I am trying to make generic buildings but... Where do I find the textures for them so I know what one I want? The SDK fails to explain where to find them.
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    Carenado Cessna 340 repaint request

    This is a 340 my grandpa used to own. I was wondering if anyone could do a repaint for the Carenado 340. :)
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    EH101 hoist postion

    I was trying to add a hoist to the jetranger and I guess in the progress I somehow edited my EH101. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what position it is supposed to be in. It's in the aircraft.cfg under [Sling.1] Thanks :o
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    New Helo sim Looks like a mission based chopper sim. Looks very nice also. :D
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    How to export an effect only.

    I attach an effect to a small box and try to export but I get errors. Is it possible to export a file with just effects in the scene?
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    FSXA Light emitting effect

    Using the effects tool I was able to edit one of the nav light effects to create a light that you could put on a light pole to illuminate the aircraft. Only problem I have noticed is this only works if it is attached to the users aircraft? It didn't emit light anymore once I attached the effect...
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    Scenery Library problem.

    In FSX when trying to add an area in "Scenery Library" it will not work right. From what I remember (I may be wrong) if you choose a folder that has a scenery and texture folder inside it with the proper files in those folders it should add it to the list right? After I select the folder it does...
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    Can anyone shed some LIGHT on this?

    I am creating a ground poly runway and I am almost to the point of adding the lights. It is a 9300' runway with an ILS on one end. All I need is high intensity edge lights and green/red end lights. Is there a regulation spacing on these lights? Also does the last 2000 feet need to be orange...
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    Some ground poly questions

    Will ground polys display on top of FSX airport runways and taxiways made with an airport editor? The reason I am asking is I want to be able to put a runway under my ground poly so I can use the lights from it. Is this possible? I really don't want to hand place all the lights with gmax.
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    FSX Introducing KDXZ

    Introducing St George Municipal Airport (KDXZ) For those who dont know St George, UT opened it's new airport on January 13th. Here is what I have so far. Im just putting some finishing touches on it before release. I am hoping in the near future to add the...
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    Max FSX gmax frames?

    What is the max number of frames you can have in an animation for FSX?