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  1. Edgar Miller


    Is there a way to convert a X file to an MDL file and not lose the animation?
  2. Edgar Miller

    Procedure for making the BGL for a jetway

    Can someone tell me the steps of making the BGL from an MDL for an animated jetway? I was able to do it about a year ago and forgot how I got it to work in FSX
  3. Edgar Miller

    Library object error

    I get an error when I add an object to the object library. Once I place the object it looks like a box and not a jetway that I modeled.
  4. Edgar Miller

    Errors when placing an animated jetway

    I am getting this these errors when adding a file to the library object manager as well as what the object looks like after placing it. I didn't have the problem with previous ADE version.
  5. Edgar Miller

    Night textures for FSX

    I think I have forgotten how to make night texture that work in MCX. I think I am doing the procedure wrong with photoshop. Any help would be really appreciated
  6. Edgar Miller

    ADE / FSW

    Will ADE be compatible with FSW?
  7. Edgar Miller

    Adding animated library object error

    When I try to add an animated library object into ADE I get this error in the attached picture
  8. Edgar Miller

    ADE error

    Does anyone know what this error is?
  9. Edgar Miller

    Problem with pro key

    When I put my pro key in I get this error
  10. Edgar Miller

    New Jetway won't show up in FSX

    I made a jetway following the IK Jetway video. I saved and exported per the video. I made a bgl and xml file with library creator and compiled the xml as shown in IK jetway video. I placed the bgl file in addon scenery / scenery like the video showed and I can not get it to show up. Any help...
  11. Edgar Miller

    Tower won't delete

    I moved the tower in KCRW because it was sitting in the middle of the parking garage. After compiling the file it had 2 towers, 1 in the old location and one in the new location. I went back into ADE and there was only 1 tower. So I deleted the tower and tried again. The original tower was still...
  12. Edgar Miller

    FSX ADE Apron textures

    Is there a way to change the default apron textures in ADE?
  13. Edgar Miller

    Can I share my ADE files

    I made an airport I want to share. Is that possible?
  14. Edgar Miller

    changing color of lights

    I am trying to find out how to change the colors of the lights. Sorry I am very new to this but was able to scale the light the size I want but can't seem to find how to change the color to green. Thanks in advance for any help given.