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    USGS TNM DEM Conversion Problem

    Thanks for the briefing Gary! My mesh is currently showing well, but I have yet to add the 'no data' areas. (Will be doing that next week.) This sounds like one of those wonderful FSX quirks that would have taken me a week to sort out on my own. cheers!
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    USGS TNM DEM Conversion Problem

    Hello Gary! Thank you very much for your detailed reply, and I hope you will pardon my terribly slow response! (Work has had me underwater for the past few weeks). As always, you are a gold-standard resource for our community and your generosity is very much appreciated! I am working on a few...
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    USGS TNM DEM Conversion Problem

    Hello guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with the current NED/3DEP data available from the USGS TNM. Basically, when I run the .img file through gdal_translate or gdalwarp, it returns an all-white Geotiff. From what I can tell, the current elevation dataset doesn't have the UTM Zone in the...
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    How to quickly color correct raw sattelite images?

    I have used Metrix, with mixed results. What doesn't seem to be documented, is that Metrix will only read a part of the target image, if you happen to have it selected with the marquee. Makes for very changeable results. I have had the most consistent success with this method: For the...
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    ARNO, thank you.

    Here here! Thank you Arno! :)
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    Suggestions: Settings for Feature Detect on Buildings

    First of all, a massive thank you to Arno for this wonderful tool! I have been doing a lot of photoreal lately, and the ease and accuracy of placing vegetation with scenproc is fantastic! Currently I am working on an area with little GIS data, and would like to use the DetectFeatures...
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    Tutorial for Low Poly cars.

    Lovely tutorial Tic. Thank you!
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    Can one create a 'bat file' that will copy files to places?

    Certainly you can, Bill. See Mr. Robinson's examples in this thread:
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    Some names make you smile...

    Peniston Oils @ Top Gear was genius. The other door of the car read "Arse biscuit" when opened! There are a series of towns in Pennsylvania, which may (or may not be) intentionally provocative: Intercourse, PA. Which is surrounded by towns named Blue Ball, Virginville, Bird-in-Hand and...
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    Hi Jim, I absolutely remember the truck. Looks like you've ditched the diamond-plate bed box as well... glad to see you are getting some use out of the model. :)
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    C'mon Jim, you know what's (Mc)Calling you!! :):)
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    Beautiful work, esp. the PR color matching. I don't fly much in Florida, but will be donating just to encourage this kind of effort (and with a small hope that we will see your McCall released at some point) :) Also, I actually like the sign "as-is" LOL! Great stuff Jim.
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    Rivets in Photoshop??

    Also, to save time on straight lines, you don't even need a path. Just set up your custom brush, then hold down CTRL key and left mouse will constrain the brush to a straight line. Even better, holding down CTRL and left clicking two points will draw a straight line between them. cheers. :)
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    FSX USGS Projection

    Thanks Arno. I had just found my way to gdal_merge about an hour ago. Testing now. I appreciate your response, and will research more carefully before asking questions.
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    FSX USGS Projection

    Thank you guys. Arno - I had forgotten that gdalinfo would do that. I'll take a look. Regarding reprojection, yes, I've had that problem before when combining reprojected images. So, if you reproject the whole mosaic, what would you choose for the bounding coordinates, since they differ...
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    FSX USGS Projection

    Hi guys, I'm hoping I can get some advice from the gurus here who are (fingers crossed) familiar with the current UGSG "National Map" orthoimagery setup. In the past, my projects were small enough, and the photo resolution was low enough, that one image...
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    It is also a bad practice to drag the texture on to the model, makes a big mess. (Thought I'm not saying you did that :D) Build the material, assign the textures via the dialogue box, then apply to your model.
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    FSX Hidden Costs of Complexity

    Congratulations Bill :D It has been interesting to watch your progress with this problem.
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    Can you post your edge texture. I suspect I know what's going on. The alpha for the mipmap is picking up part of your texture that doesn't have the 'asphalt'. This is common with mipmaps (and there's a tutorial around illustrating it). The solution is to make your entire RGB channel the...
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    LOFTS Ground Poly Edges.

    Ha ha. Well, jtanabodee's edge is much wider than mine, probably because he is including the yellow side markings. You can control the width of the edge by changing the size of the spline segment you use for the 'get shape' in the loft dialogue. :)