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    FSX What has technically changed in FSX_STEAM ?

    Fsdeveloper would seem to be the most appropriate place to ask this question, and/or to open up a discussion on this subject. Q: What are the details of the changes in FSX_Steam, vs FSX. Some changes are obvious - Removal of Gamespy. Addition of steam services. Changes to Multiplayer...
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    Mouse Area Objects - Crosshair ( Missing ?)

    Ref: Mouse Area Objects CursorType The cursor image to display when the user's mouse cursor is within the area. One of: None Normal UpArrow DownArrow LeftArrow RightArrow Hand Crosshair Grab Has anyone manages to get "Crosshair" to display a Crosshair ?? If I select...
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    Gauge to display Metar data

    I am looking for a way to display "current location" Cloud levels, in my own XML Gauge. A more general purpose Gauge to display weather at any Airport would beeven better. Note: I am looking for FSX weather, not from metars downloaded from some external source. Initially, I am...
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    Display the heading of a camera View

    Is there any way to get the HEADING of a camera view. ? For example: In Locked Spot view, be able to determine the magnetic heading of the current view.
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    XML - "Position" Simprocompiler ??

    In the Current (and all past SDKs) there is an example of some Gauge XML <Element> <Position X="18" Y="18"/> <MaskImage Name="ap_ahi_window.bmp"> <Axis X="61.5" Y="61.5"/> </MaskImage> <Image Name="ap_ahi_dial.bmp" PointsTo="North"> <Axis X="59" Y="59"/> </Image>...
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    Limits in XML Gauges - #Lvars ? size of XML ?

    Over the years, I have seen other developers asking about XML gauge size limits, but there is little reponse or info on the subject ? Problem: Identical aircraft with lots of XML gauges, in particularly one BIG 2D XML Gauge (900k, with lots of Lvars), cannot establish initial gauge sync...
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    (FSX) XLM Formatting

    Are there any know XML formatter that will format FSX XML files to a standard, correctly indented format (including "if" statements etc etc) ? "Pretty Please" -- Pretty XML Formatter :) Geoff
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    Displaying a View Direction ?

    Is it possible to determine the DIRECTION that a VIEW is pointing ? ie. Consider the VC view in the TOWER CONTROL. One can swing that view clockwise or anticlockwise, and look in any direction from 0 to 360 degrees. I would like to build a small Gauge that would display the view...
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    Spring Loaded switches in VC (not springing back)

    I am trying to create a "sping loaded, return to center, switch, in a VC, that is operated by the mouse. Condider a Rudder Trim Switch. Left = adds left trim, right = adds right trim, center = stop movement. Left mouse down, switch moves to left, left mouse up, returns to center...
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    DOUBLES Lat / Lng / Alt Conversion factors

    I am trying to convert DOUBLE UINT Lat/Lng/Alt to Degrees and feet. By trial and error, these are the conversion factors I arrived at, that give the correct(ish) values. ( accurate to a few Decimal points of minutes ) Lat = 1.0 * BitConverter.ToInt64(P.payload, offset) /...
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    "Beer Barrel" in simobjects/misc/bucket with ZERO GUID ??

    Hi, Is someone able to answer these two questions please :- (1) What is the purpose of the simobjects/misc/bucket object It seesm to contain a BEER Barrel, with a GUID of 0 !! I assume it is there for some form of testing ?? (2) If, when a specific aircraft is loaded, the sim...
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    Issue with Throttle Quadrants & Spoilers

    There is an potential issue when pilots use a Throttle Quadrant, and assign one of the levers to be the Spoilers/air Brakes. Even if their airacrft does not have spoilers, if they are in a MP session, their SOILER Information is passes to all planes in the session, if it changes...
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    TEST server for Gauge MP compatability

    An increasing number of Plane Addon developers, are producing aircraft, that have very significant "issues", both in Free Flight and in Multiplayer. There issues result in low frame rates, and in lagging issues in Multiplayer sessions. The main cause of thses issues, is a flooding...
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    What is this XML doing ?

    I am trying to figure out what this XML is doing ? (and why ) (A:RECIP ENG1 BRAKE POWER,ft lb per second) 0 &gt; if{ 0 (&gt;K:SPOILERS_SET,numbers) } els { (A:RECIP ENG1 BRAKE POWER,ft lb per second) /-/ 16383 &gt; if { 16383 (&gt;K:SPOILERS_SET,numbers) } els {...
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    Lateral Friction. skidding, when moving on Ground

    During Taxi, or during takeoff/landing, when on the ground, the "Lateral Friction" between wheels and the ground surrface seem to be unrealistically low. Even on dry tarmac or Concrete, if there is any crosswind, the plane tends to slide ACROSS the runway, as if on ice, and does not...
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    FSX Ports ??? for both FSX + Gamespy

    This is a most basic question, but the data on the Internet seems to be very mixed up. I recall when FSX was first released, the MS website has a detailed listing of the Ports (TCP & USP) required for FSX, and Multiplayer Hosting. When I used to set up FSX servers, I used that Port...
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    Air2asm ??

    Has anyone written an air2asm.exe utility, that will take an air file, and produce a .asm file. ( which in turn, would compile back with air2asm, to an identical air file). ? Geoff
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    Frequently send Landing gear Position

    Is it typical practice , when creating an aircraft, with retractable gear, to have the plane frequently (say every minute), send GEAR UP, or GEAR down, as appropraite. (In addition to when the player actually operates the gear) It would seem that some aircraft are doing this...
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    FSX: Trigger SOUND XML

    How can one trigger a sound to play from XML (Gauge), in FSX. (Not talking Fs2004 -- there appears to be a dll to assist with FS2004) Apparently, FSX sound is different .... (Ideally with control over it's 3D position, level etc ) Typical use, adding CLICKS to switches...
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    Realistic TURBINE simulation

    I have just started to look in detail at FSX's TURBINE simulation model, and it would appear that it is somewhat lacking. ? It does not seem to simulate: (1) Realistic engine start procedures, including abnormals such as hot start, starter disengage failure, oil or fuel pressure...