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  1. Gypsy Baron

    Calling multi-smoke entries

    I used an XML gauge to enable multiple smoke effects. A typical statement has this form: N (>K:SMOKE_SET) where N = the smoke.x number + 1
  2. Gypsy Baron

    P3D v4 How can I load a .pln file without using the built-in Planner program.

    The registered version of FSUIPC5 has a 'Load flight plan' menu entry. Paul
  3. Gypsy Baron

    What is LUA? Does it work in FSX also?

    I use Lua scripts extensively to 'automate' some functions, to display a message window for a few seconds when I select a different 'mode' for my controller assignments showing the new assignments for the 10 switches on my dual throttle quadrants. Some of my aircraft assignments have up to 13...
  4. Gypsy Baron

    FS2004 Frozen on splash screen

    I know that in FSX a corrupted logbook.bin file will cause the sim to freeze on the splash screen. try removing the logbook.bin file to another location and see if it cures your problem. Paul
  5. Gypsy Baron

    Do you fly online?

    I fly exclusively online with the 91st Bombardment Group. We fly the A2A B-17G and several other aircraft. We used to fly on the FSX only Digital Theme Park server but now we use JoinFS to fly on another DTP server. This allows FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V1 to V4 to fly together.
  6. Gypsy Baron

    P3D v3 Electronic Voice (creating audio, App?)

    Hello Bill, I have used the Amazon Web Services "Amazon Polly" application to create voice files from text, in several 'voices'...US English, British and Aussie both male & female. There is a 12-month 'free' tier available and after that one could transition to a 'pay per use' account. Here...
  7. Gypsy Baron

    FTX Central and Updaters / Installers technology

    My ISP is great in all other respects. My problem is that I am right on the edge of the maximum distance from the central office. Until my ISP migrates its fiber network out to my area I am stuck. My ISP also provides my land line which is much better service than that provided by PacBell/AT&T...
  8. Gypsy Baron

    FTX Central and Updaters / Installers technology

    Too bad they do not tell you how large a download is going to be! My slow internet access gets tird up for 8-10 hours or more when updating/re-downloading various OrbX products. The fastest my connect will allow is about 1 GB/hour. Hard to tell if I want to grab an update not knowing how large...
  9. Gypsy Baron

    FSX FUIPC Creating custom button macro with multiple Lvar functions.

    What is the difference between lines 0 and 1 there? They appear to be identical yet the FSUIPC auto comments are different. I have multiple assignments for the same switch in several of my aircraft and have had no problems implementing them via edits to the INI file.. I'm not quite sure what...
  10. Gypsy Baron

    P3D v3 Identifying Buttons for LUA Scripts

    A couple of the guys I fly online with in the 91st Bombardment Group use that voice activated system or one that is similar. I've not tried it as of yet but may do so in the future. I muse to use Thrustmaster controllers back in the 90's but switched to Saitek at some point for some long...
  11. Gypsy Baron

    P3D v3 Identifying Buttons for LUA Scripts

    Getting intimate with FSUIPC4 and Lua scripts will unlock a world of possibilities relating to control assignments. I have dual Saitek throttle quads, 6 double throw switches, but I have them assigned using 'conditional' coding such that each of my switches has up to 10 different controls...
  12. Gypsy Baron

    P3D v3 Identifying Buttons for LUA Scripts

    L:Variables (local variables) The L:Vars used in the code for a given aircraft can be obtained using FSUIPC4 and the "List local panel variables" control. This will dump all the L:Vars used to the FSUIPC4.log file. You can also use a debug feature of FSUIPC4 to display L:Vars when they are...
  13. Gypsy Baron

    Creating Panel for different / coloured smoke

    I created a smoke gauge some time ago for the A2A P-51D. Here is the link to download the zip'd packaged from 4shared. I apologize for using 4shared with it's multiple 'spam' "Download" buttons but I'm traveling and don't have other options at the moment...
  14. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    As I mentioned way up near the start of this thread, most MP servers disable AI traffic automatically to prevent overloading the server and taking space that should be used by MP aircraft. As Bob mentioned, I thought we were dealing with MP aircraft in a session. Not AI or a mix of AI and MP...
  15. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    From my experience in Multiplayer with the Acceleration radar gauge and several other derivations of it...the Raytheon ANR-75 and the A2A 'maps' , etc I have found that upon entering a MP session I see ALL the MP aircraft currently in the session based upon the ObjectLayerDetailVehicles value I...
  16. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    It has to be an issue with the server(s) you are using. The default FSX Acceleration Radar gauge shows multiplayer traffic just fine. I've modified versions for my own use to give me various data on traffic using the FS9GPS standard calls such as those you show above (C:ITrafficInfo) If you...
  17. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    Thanks for the info Andy. I'll have a look at it when I can. I'm in Sydney now and will be out, walking about alot, for the next few days :) Paul
  18. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    What is the gauge Andy? Is it an XML implementation? I'm off to the land down under for a couple of weeks but when I return I can have a look at the gauge code if it is XML and see what might be done. Paul
  19. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    Andy, I just logged on to a server that had active traffic and joined as "Air traffic controller" under the "Role" entry at the top of the Multiplayer 'Sessions Options' window and saw the MP traffic on the radar screen. If you have Terrain enabled, it is hard to see the traffic as the default...
  20. Gypsy Baron

    FSXA Display Aircraft on default ATC Radar

    Andy, I'm not sure how the DTP servers are set up to not display AI. You might ask the site owner "Zoolander" via this LINK. I know when I did a quick test last night I enabled some AI traffic and saw it on my ANR-75 and also on the FSX Traffic Toolbox Map and List in FREEFLIGHT. As soon as I...