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  1. ebo77

    FSX Glow around polygon

    Hi all Anybody know why this happens in the edit uvw When i hover my mouse over this polygon i get a glow This is only happening with this poly Best Regards Ian
  2. ebo77


    Hi all Anybody know why my images end up this way round in gmax. The only time my images look normal is when the runway is north to south. AIRPORT-Meadows Field-KBFL Regards Ian
  3. ebo77

    FSX Sbuilderx

    Hi all Been trying to download the sbuilderx google server.dll but chrome just keeps blocking it as malware. Am i ok just to ignore that and just accept the download Cheers Ian
  4. ebo77

    FSX Waypoints

    Hi all I have just finished the scenery for an airport that was missing in fsx.Nanyang ZHNY I have added extra VOR-DME'S Does anybody know how to add these into pmdg 737-777 fmc data base. Best Regards Ian Neil