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  1. atorque

    Startup period help

    I am creating a helicopter for FSX Accellerator with GMAX. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to directly effect the startup time for the engine. It simply starts too fast. I havent been able to find anthing in the cfg. I started with the default bell 206 cfg. Is there such a...
  2. atorque

    Vne Chart Animation (FSX Gmax)

    Image of part im trying to animate I am trying to animate this rotating reference chart. It should be simple but im thick as a brick. It should rotate 360 degrees when using the mousewheel. As allways help is much appreciated. I will show the code I have so far. Please refrain form...
  3. atorque

    Rotor RPM

    modeling for FSX in GMAX with acceleration gamepack. My question is can someone help me to create some custom xml so that I can create a 3d gauge for rotor RPM. Some helicopters like the R22 has a funny little rpm gauge that has two needles, one needle for engine rpm which a gmax animation...
  4. atorque

    Altimeter Calibration Knob

    If this question has allready been answered please refer me to the post because I cant seem to find it. Using Gmax with FSX SDK (Win7 64bit) Question:I cant seem to find anything regarding the altimeter calibration knob in the modeldef.xml and therefore cannot make an animation for the 3d...
  5. atorque

    Texturing issue

    Using GMAX for FSX. I have a problem when texturing. Certain polys seem to be upside down or something. Its hard to explain so i include a picture. U can see ontop of the boat that certain sections reflect differently to others. Can anyone help me with this? I seem to get this problem alot...
  6. atorque

    Rotor Droop.

    As the name implies im curious if anybody knows how to animate rotor droop in GMAX for FSX. I can model and animate but I have no idea how to animate rotor droop. Spinning rotors are not a problem. I can attach visibility with the attach point tool. I can attach animations with the animation...
  7. atorque

    skid flex

    Ive tried to look on here for an answer but no luck yet. Im modeling a helicopter (brantly b2b) for FSX in GMAX and the skids have built in shocks but I have no idea which animation tag to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.