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    How to model this shape?

    Hi all, Just struggling with the image below. Any idea of how to model it?
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    Afcad help (paid)

    As the title suggests need some help with an afcad file. Please pm for info
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    Auto place ground textures on tiles

    Hi all, Have a pretty tricky problem but hopefully someone here can shed some light. I make all my photoreal ground using 1024x1024 tiles at 20cm/pixel. This results in a huge amount of tiles but the quality is fantastic both in fs2004 and fsx. However my latest airport requires 416 tiles...
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    Scenery Designers Required (Eiresim)

    Hi guys, Some of you on here may know me from and it has been my intention/desire to re-create Dublin Airport for fs2004/fsx. As I recently started a “real job" I no longer have the same spare time as I previously had. So I am asking if there is anyone out there that would...
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    FS2004 FS2004 cliffs and flattens

    Hi all, At the moment I am trying to blend in my airports with the new VFR Photographic Imagery for fs2004. When I put my airports in they match perfectly but there is a big issue with cliffs as can be seen in the image below. Does anyone know how I can solve this to make the...
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    Image Tool vs DXT BMP

    Hi all, I am converting my ground aerial images to dxt1 and have noticed a noticeable difference in quality between Image Tool and DXT Bmp. DXT BMP produces a much better result as can be seen below with DXT BMP been on the left.. However the problem is that I use a batch tool with...
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    FS2004 Dummy Runway

    Hi all, I am trying to make my ai aircraft taxi over my bridge (which is at the default airport altitude) but when i use a standard taxiway it raises my flatten back up. I have read that the solution is to create a "dummy runway" where the bridge should be. Does anyone know how to do this...
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    Fs2004 underpass

    Hi all, I’m well on with my Luton scenery but have come to a problem. There exists an underpass as outlined in the following pic (you can see where the taxiway goes over the underpass) Is there any way to implement this into my fs2004 version of the scenery which uses the fs2002 ground...
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    Gmax Tress not showing correctly

    Hi all, I've created my own trees in gmax with alpha channel and got rid of the shadows and adjusted the normals using mdl tweaker but my trees are coming out wrong with one side dark as in the following pic: Any ideas?
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    Scenery Design Career

    Hi all, Some of you here may know me from Eiresim ( where I have developed 4 scenery's over the past year and currently designing Luton (there's a thread in the showroom here with pics). Just wondering what your opinions are on full time scenery design or perhaps even jobs...
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    Eiresim London Luton

    Ok guys, Its time again to announce the next product from Eiresim. After much deliberation it was decided to design London Luton Airport. This will be Eiresim's first Uk Airport, an important airport that is Easyjet's base. Please find below some preview screenshots. Please don't...
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    Eiresim Alicante Beta Testers

    Hi all, Just looking for one or two beta testers for Eiresim's Alicante Ultimate Scenery. Ideally be someone with scenery design experience. Please pm me if interested Cheers, Terry
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    Eiresim Alicante Ultimate

    Ok Guys, So after developing for the past month or so it is now time to show some preview shots of Eiresim's next scenery. This is our first scenery outside Ireland and is a personal favourite airport of mine. Like Cork it contains high quality 20cm/pixel aerial imagery throughout and 100%...
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    Scenery Installer

    Hi all, Some of you here may know me from my Irish Scenery's ( which have all so far had to be manually added to the scenery library. Its at a stage now where I need the scenery to be automatically added to the scenery library. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this...
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    Gmax Tree Library

    Hi all, Up to now I have been using Arno's great tree library for rwy12 for my airports. but now I have an airport that requires palm trees (ones that arent in his library). Wondering how I would place these (there will be a lot!) or if there are any gmax libraries of trees? Thanks Terry
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    Seasonal Textures

    Hi all, Im at the stage in my Cork Airport scenery where I wish to create textures for my grounf for Autumn/Winter. At the moment my ground is composed of 120 tiles of 20cm/pixel textures and looks great during the summer but it is too bright/vibrant during the winter months. I know how...
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    Cork EICK

    Ok I've been holding of for a while but heres a few pics of the next scenery. As many will realise it's Cork Airport and it is my first scenery to include high quality 20cm/pixel satellite imagery and I have to say it gives incredible details and clarity even at very low altitudes. The...
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    Ground imagery tiles

    Hi all, I have prepared all my ground images which are all 1024x1024 pixels and I have a plane in gmax which is 200mx200m. I then apply one of the images to the plane and export, however between each tile there is a noticeable line which id very annoying. I've read up on the forum and...
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    Imagetool-converting Mutliple files

    Hi all, I have approximately 80 images each of 1024x1024 pixels and I wish to convert them all to dxt1 and create mipmaps in imagetool but is there an easier way to do this rather than one by one as its extremely tedious. Thanks Terry
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    Transparecny and draw order (Fs2004)

    HI Guys On my latest project I decided to model the interior of a large terminal and am 90% complete. To do this I completely modelled the interior and exported it all without the outside glass and I can see this ok in fs2004. I then apply the glass to the exterior in gmax, clone this...