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  1. Bungo

    Virtavia Offline?

    Hello All, Does anyone know if Virtavia's website being down with no DNS entry is a permanent issue or temporary. Lack of DNS usually means no-one paid the bill with GoDaddy (or other provider). Unless I've had my head in the sand and have missed the memo on their going out of business? A...
  2. Bungo

    Feature request: MCX model 'component' exporter

    It would be nice to be able to split up a scene in MCX so that you can individually export the elements (individual buildings) to individual MDL files all use the same materials. This is so that materials can be sure to share exactly the same properties where multiple buildings share the same...
  3. Bungo

    Changing the origin/reference point of imported models

    I have a sketchup model that I exported to DAE and imported into sketchup. The 'origin' or reference point in MCX does not reflect the one set in Sketchup. is it possible to set the origin point and orientation in MCX prior to export? cheers Braedon
  4. Bungo

    Differences SBX Generic Building and in-sim Texture Mapping

    When creating warehouses and sheds as generic buildings in SBX (3.14 x64), the Bottom textures for the more industrial buildings line up OK vertically in SBX, but when compiled and opened in P3D v3.4, the textures seem to align halfway between 2 'layers' or textures on the texture sheets? ie...
  5. Bungo

    South East Tasmania - WIP

    This is what I have been working on for a little while now. This is the area around YMHB (Hobart International). PR source resolution is 45cm +/-. Colour matching is with Orbx FTX-AU Blue (Tasmania is downloadable as a free, fully functioning demo). I have indicated where the FTX area is...
  6. Bungo

    Importing SBX tiles into Scenproc to export to GEOTIFF (??)

    Does Scenproc import the BMP files using the TXT files that SBX creates (not the INF fles when you compile)? If so, what is the command to import them? cheers Braedon
  7. Bungo

    FSET import and mosaic?

    Is there a GIS application that can import and mosaic the BMP and Text files that FSET creates? cheers Braedon
  8. Bungo

    Photoshop script for tiling large terrain into <2GB TIFF export files

    Hello All, Just thought I'd share this for anyone in the same boat. I am processing a large (210,000 x 180,000 pixel) terrain imagery in photoshop, and exporting to TIFF or other GIS compatable format was proving error prone and tedious, so I wrote this script to take my large image and export...
  9. Bungo

    What tolerance is in Scenproc for (not quite) right angles and paralel lines?

    What tolerance is in Scenproc for (Not quite) right angles and paralel lines? Often Processed or hand drawn building polys are not quite rectangular. For example, if you use Global mapper to convert raster buiding shapes to vector areas, the polys are like sawtooth edged rectangle. Once...
  10. Bungo

    FSX Is there a good autogen medium sized evergreen tree that's not Eucalypt or a Conifer?

    The only thing I can find in the visual references suitable for a temperate southern hemisphere climate that isn't deciduous, a conifer, or a eucalypt tree, is Pine Scrub. Is that my only option for something that looks a bit like this? A bit like a maple, but evergreen. Thanks Braedon
  11. Bungo

    Creating autogen trees from point data

    I have sampled my raster imagery to point data for vegetation with DETECTFEATURES, and am massaging the output in Global Mapper to remove unwanted hits in fields and the like (my imagery is very flat with the colour palette, so there are a lot of false positives in the histogram detecton...
  12. Bungo

    Is there an undo in the texture filter editor?

    Is there a way to undo a misplaced colour selection (or exclusion) click in the Texture Filter Editor? I don't see a change in the histogram if I simply do CTRL+Z... :) Or do you just smother it with others that outweigh the incorrect colours selected? Which 'wins', a single colour exclusion...
  13. Bungo

    Scenproc x64 not detecting VC++ 2008 SP1 Runtime on Win7 & 8.1

    When I try to run Scenproc x64 DEV 29/4/2017 or the latest one (posted to resolve the temp file locking issue with dropbox) on a fresh fully updated Win7 VM or a Win 8.1 PC, it complains that I need MS Visual C++ SP1 Runtime installed. I have downloaded both the 32 and 64 bit ones and...
  14. Bungo

    Scenproc throws file lock exceptons when data in Dropbox folder

    When I open .spc files from my dropbox directory, the __SCENPROC_TEMP_RUN.SPC file seems to have a sharing violation with the Dropbox client and throws an unhandled exception error: Other than not having the files in the dropbox directory tree, is there a configuration for having the temp...
  15. Bungo

    SBX314 x64 - Tile download pauses with 1 or 2 to go

    Has anyone seen where SBX 3.14 x64 downloads all the tiles using the google maps downloader (722 and the initial v3 API one), and never completes? It's downloaded 7936 (+/- a few) tiles at zoom 20, but stops on the last 1 - 10 every time. I can leave it all night and nothing seems to get it...
  16. Bungo

    Can the Sbuilder Google Maps plugin not download the POI/business overlay?

    I am trying to use digitise the building outlines from Google Maps, and when the Google Maps downloader downloads the tiles it includes the POI/business names with it which tends to mess with the feature detection a little. Is it possible to re-configure the downloader to not include this...
  17. Bungo

    Ability to get google maps instead of imagery?

    Is it possible to gather the google maps tiles instead of the Google satellite imagery with something like FSET? Google Maps have more buiding outlines than any GIS data that I can find through official sources, so if I can filter out all the FOD from the imagery and digitise it It might add to...
  18. Bungo

    MCX FEATURE Idea - Sketchup Processing - Multiple Models, Shared/Consolidated textures.

    I've been converting some sketchup models for Hobart, Tasmania out of the Sketchup 3D warehouse, and it occured to me that when processing individual models, there is a fair amount of wasted space on each texture, multiplied by the number of models, makes for a fair bit of wasted texture space...
  19. Bungo

    Extrusion Bridge idiosyncracies

    Is there a formula for the altitude of extrusion bridges that I'm missing? I have the following code for an extrusion bridge, the altitude figures for the start and end were eventually worked out by trial and error (read: modify/compile/reload/observe/guest-imate correction/repeat) but it looks...
  20. Bungo

    Hydro Polys (amongst others) - I get the GUID, but where do I get the UUID?

    Hello All, If I am making a Hydro poly (or any other vector poly with similar attributes) the SDK says that it has 4 attributes. SlopeX, Slope Y, GUID, and UUID. I get the GUID is the GUID of the type of poly. I guess the Slope values are to do with sloping polys, and I won't need them for...