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  1. gaputz

    FS2004 Conditional Appearance of a BGL type light

    Is it possible to set a bgl light to be visible from dawn to dusk AND be visible during the day by tuning a radio frequency? If so, would someone be so kind to show me what the asm tweak should look like? Thank you in advance. Greg
  2. gaputz

    FS2004 CYWG James Richardson International Airport - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    I've been working on CYWG Winnipeg off and on for about two years now. It is time to show the FS9ers out there the progress I've made. Just a bit of background first. This project was started by Jon Gabbert (of CYVR fame) quite some time ago. In fact, I think he announced it on his...
  3. gaputz

    FS2004 Trigger Spots for Regeneration of AI Traffic

    Are there geographical areas in FS9 that trigger the regeneration of AI Traffic? If so, is there a way of identifying these areas and changing them? Greg
  4. gaputz

    FS2004 Trigger Spots for Regeneration of AI Traffic

    Are there geographical areas in FS9 that trigger the regeneration of AI Traffic? If so, is there a way of identifying these areas and changing them? Greg
  5. gaputz

    FS2004 Auto Platform - Platform Rendered above Rooftop

    I have built a model of a hotel with a rooftop helipad. I applied a platform to the roof using the auto platform function of MCX. In the sim the platform is about a meter or more above the roof and helipad. I've tried rendering the roof and helipad as a single object, and as separate objects...
  6. gaputz

    FS2004 Overlapping Tiles

    My scenery project includes photo-real tiles for an area around the subject airport. The geographical area takes in a coastline on an island. I decided to expand the photo-real area but I it seemed better to do the additional tiles as a second scenery bgl to avoid rendering a large number of...
  7. gaputz

    FS2004 PHJH Kapalua West Maui Airport

    One of my favourite places in the world is the Hawaiian island of Maui. That inspired me to do a scenery for the small airport on the west side of the island that serves Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua and the other suburbs. The airport is restricted to daytime hours and traffic is limited a small...
  8. gaputz

    Unhandled Exception -- Type Initializer for Terrain_Sculptor threw an exception

    I am eager to learn Terrain Sculptor but I cannot get it to open properly. Every time the application is launched this error message appears in a dialogue box: "System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Terrain_Sculptor.Communications' threw an exception. --->...
  9. gaputz

    FS2004 Preventing Seasonal Changes to Autogen Vegetation

    I need some help with FS9 autogen and in particular with seasonal changes to vegetation placed in a tropical location by the annotator. I am working on a scenery for an airport located on the Hawaiian island of Maui. My scenery includes photo real terrain for the area surrounding the airport...
  10. gaputz

    Distance to Reference Point Question

    Should an object with a distance condition affect frame rates even when it is not rendered? Here is the reason I ask. For my airport project I created a library of a couple objects made up of simple textured planes to create the illusion of grass. The intent is to place these models along the...
  11. gaputz

    FS2004 CYQR Regina

    For the past year I have been working on a new version of CYQR Regina International Airport (Roland Groome Field) for FS9. I think I have made enough progress to show off the work I've put into the project so far. The photo-real base is aerial photography purchased locally from Information...
  12. gaputz

    Company Logos -- Use in Scenery Projects

    There has been a lot of discussion (and debate) in these forums about copyright and fair use of satellite images for ground bases in freeware scenery projects. The goal of most scenery developers is to replicate real life airports as close as possible and that often includes using the company...
  13. gaputz

    FS2004 Photoreal Ground textures and MS weather haze

    My latest project includes a number of photoreal ground textures tiled together and placed using the FS2002 asm tweak method. In weather situations when a FS haze layer is depicted, the haze blinks in and out at seemingly random points when flying over the scenery. Has anyone experienced this...
  14. gaputz

    [FS9] AFCAD and Runway Edge Lights

    I would like to replace the default runway edge lights in a scenery project with a gmax created model. In AFCAD (and AFX) it is possible, as an option using the Runway properties / Lights, to not show runway edge lights by selecting "none" as an option. Problem is taking that option also...
  15. gaputz

    Rotate to User and Conditional Display Tweaks

    ASM tweaking is new for me and as much as I have tried to follow the tutorials and various forum threads I just can't seem to figure what I am doing wrong -- so I am appealing for help! I am attempting to construct a taxiway light usinga BGL light LIGHT_NAV for application to a FS9 scenery I...
  16. gaputz

    MDL Tweaker and Windows Installer

    When opening Tweaker II an installation of Windows Installer is immediately initiated. Tweaker will eventually open if I let the installer run its course or after repeated cancellation of the installer. Once the Tweaker is open, the Windows installer again wants to run on the first attempt to...