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  1. Ols500

    Sloped Flatten Blend into FTX EU England Mesh

    So, Gary, this is the new thread for this 'issue' for say, how do I continue to flatten the terrain? Cheers, Ollie.
  2. Ols500

    Do I have to use square tiles can I use different shape, like freesyle.

    Hi when using SbuilderX can I draw my shape with freestyle, not using squares?
  3. Ols500

    How to change a photoreal images 'scale' (increase size)

    Hi I would like to upscale a photoreal image to fit the road size. Is there a parameter where I can upscale the image? Thanks, Ollie.
  4. Ols500

    P3D v4 How do I create smooth slopes?

    Hi, I would like to make my airport look more realistic and would like to blend it into Orbx. Some parts of the exclude match up to the elevation, while other parts do not. I have read that you can create "edit individual points" or create "triangular polys". Would I need to do this? -Thanks, Ollie
  5. Ols500

    Can I add an image into ADE as a texture?

    Hi this question has probably been asked a million times, so if it is tutorial on another post please link me there. All I would like to do is convert an image to a texture and place it on my airport. I have watched a few videos, but they are all for FSX. (I use P3DV4.4) I have photoshop...
  6. Ols500

    FSX Can't exclude roads overlapping runway!

    Hi I am trying to remove a road overlapping my runway in ADE. I have drawn a poly with "Flatten Mask Class Map exclude auto-gen" But It won't remove the road :( Any ideas?
  7. Ols500

    FSX Can I have opposite runways for landing/takeoffs?

    Hello! I am currently working on CYGZ and there is a big fat mountain on one side, so when my AI goes to takeoff It goes right through the mountain. Its pretty flat on the other side though, so can I tell the AI to takeoff on runway 32 and And tell it to land on 14. You might ask "the AI will...
  8. Ols500

    FSX Can someone explain what I need to get AI working?

    Hello, I'm trying to get AI traffic at CYGZ. I have compiled a bgl with AIFP3 and I have made tons in the past, so that is all good. But when I open the sim the aircraft is there, but it disappears after the departure time is exceeded. I have added a parking spot, taxi lines, a hold short and...
  9. Ols500

    FSX Can I create traffic in ADE yes/no

    Hi I love ADE and really want to know, can I add traffic (moving Cars) to roads in ADE?
  10. Ols500

    FSX Can you add an object to an object?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could add a BGL to a BGL. For example, if I loaded A truck into MDX can I then load in a car and move the car object into position to the truck, so it looks like it is towing it? Is this possible? Is it extremely difficult? Many thanks Ols.
  11. Ols500

    FSX Can someone please tell me how to create a lake in ADE?

    Hello! I really want to add a lake into ADE but have no idea... I read on another post that you need to add a flatten exclusion but that's about all I know, can someone please explain to me how to add a lake? -Many thanks Ols.
  12. Ols500

    FSX Please tell me the proper way to add Static aircraft.

    Hello I need help adding static planes to my airport, here is what I have done so far. 1. Used SAMM to convert a AI plane to a static mdl 2. Used ModelConverterX to convert the MDL to a BGL 3. Added the BGL into ADE 4. When I load the airport I get a "scenery read error" and no aircraft appears...
  13. Ols500

    FSX When I add a BGL I get a g3d.dll crash!

    Hello, I am working on an airport and wanted to add a custom static object. I kinda guessed what to do and used ModelConverterX to convert an AI MDL to a BGL. I then added it in to the libary and added it to the airport. I saved it and complied with no issue, but when I press "start flight" in...
  14. Ols500

    FSX Random Compile error.

    Hi I get a weird compile error, which I never get for any other airports... -I have updated the SDK -I have used fault finder but no luck. It says empty Identifier tag but my ICAO and Airport names are there when I check. Please can you help me solve this issue? Error log: Compiler Errors...
  15. Ols500

    FSX ADE building textures turn black at night?

    Hello I use ADE a lot and have found some object textures turn black at night! They work fine in the day but slowly fade away. Is there any way to fix this? I don't have DX10 on so that's not the issue... -Many thanks in advance Ols (p.s if you want pictures just ask)
  16. Ols500

    FSX Strange snow object created with exclusion zones...

    Hello I have used exclusion zone tag"Water Polys" to remove a lake but this very strange snow object appears. When I remove the zone it disappears. Does anyone have ideas about this object and how I can remove the lake without this object appearing? -Open to all suggestions -Many thanks ols
  17. Ols500

    Lakes around CYUB Can I remove them?

    Hi I know this question has been asked before but it said use the "move" tool, which free users don't have, so I have lakes under my runway can I use exclusion zones to remove them? If so please explain how :) -Many thanks Ols.