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  1. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 AI ships visibility on ATC system

    I'm finding that AI ships I have positioned are always visible to the eye but not always seen on the ATC system. They tend to be seen for short periods then disappear. It is almost like they always have scenery characteristics but that their AI appearance/existence is temporary, intermittent and...
  2. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Effects particles that create traffic returns

    When an air to air missile hits an object in the sim, most create flame smoke and sparks as a stream behind the hit object. Some also create junk that is seen on ATC type radars. I would like to be able to have the radar not see the junk. The problem is what to look for in the effects file so as...
  3. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Window recording

    I have been experimenting with cameras in the instrument panel/MFD window which give me great images, like oblique camera shots/ Night Vision and FLIR. These are rendered to screen. Is there a way to record these? Screen shots do it to the extent that the display is visible, but I want a...
  4. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Views in a MFD gauge

    Is there a way to have a view such as the IR or NVG displayed within a gauge like a MFD? Roy
  5. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 How can I load a .pln file without using the built-in Planner program.

    The Flight Planner drop down works OK for loading .pln files but has the disadvantage of blocking out the forward view and, I imagine, pausing the sim at the same time. This is a PITA when flying in multiplayer with other airplanes. Does anyone know a way to load the .pln file that does not use...
  6. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Jet fuel flow when using Afterburner in stages

    A jet with afterburner has two Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption (TSFC) settings in the Aircraft.cfg file. The sim calculates fuel rate based on thrust and TSFC One setting relates to TSFC without Afterburner the other relates to Afterburner. Typically the first value would be 0.7 and the second...
  7. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 FS9 schema conversion from FSX schema trap code

    I have some code that works fine in FSX schema. However I want to use it in another gauge that uses FS9 schema. The code concerned is below. My request is to have the same snippet but in FS9 schema Roy <KeyMap id="KeyMap"> <Trigger id="Master Arm">...
  8. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Apparent repeat when single event wanted

    I appear to be having more than one event occur after I use the following code. I'm using FSX schema and multiple macros. <Trigger id="LANDING_LIGHT_HOME"> <KeyEvent>LANDING_LIGHT_HOME</KeyEvent> <Script> Do something once </Script> I have the relevant...
  9. Roy Holmes


    The SDK says of the subject Event ID: Adds fuel to the aircraft, 25% of capacity by default. 0 to 65535 (max fuel) can be passed. If my Aircraft.cfg has all of the fuel tank types, I know that the center tanks, main tanks, aux tanks and tip tanks are included in "capacity", but it seems that...
  10. Roy Holmes

    Turboprop engine tuning

    Part 1. Start up issues. Just about everyone complains about the awful starting behaviour of the sim Turboprop engine model. Tales of airplanes tearing across the countryside because the parking brake was off on start are legion. Noble efforts have been made to fix the problem, most noticeably...
  11. Roy Holmes

    HUD visibility in thick cloud.

    To give the appearance/effects of collimation, it is usual for the display polygon for a HUD to be some distance in front of the airplane model. I have noticed that where this distance is more than about 20 metres the display can be considerably reduced in contrast or even become invisible when...
  12. Roy Holmes

    Air to air in multiplayer aircraft drawing range

    Anyone know what the furthest range is at which another aircraft is rendered or becomes visible. I'm basically talking about AI in free flight and any aircraft in multiplayer. One would think it could be a function of aircraft size, visibility light conditions and aircraft lighting. But might it...
  13. Roy Holmes

    P3D/FSX effect of ambient temperature

    Several people raised the issue of the effects on performance of ambient temperature in the simulator. We all know that in the real world hot temps reduce jet thrust and cold temps increase it, mainly due to the effects on density. I did a test with my SimSkunkWorks Harrier II. Full throttle...
  14. Roy Holmes

    FS Thrust vs Altitude calculation method

    The attached file is an article I have been working on for a month or so and the time seems right to publish it on FSDeveloper. It describes how to calculate values for tables 1503, 1504,1502, 1506 and 1507 that will result in accurate values for thrust vs altitude in FS. The article is...
  15. Roy Holmes

    FSXA FSXA gauges in P3D

    I know this may be the wrong place to ask about P3D, but at least I'll get an answer here. I tranferred an aircraft to P3D and none of my 2D gauges appear. Even some system gauges that have no images are not working. All of the gauges are in FS9 XML. 3D gauges that were selfcontained worked...
  16. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Table 1548 Turboprop/helicopter torque scalar

    Torque should drop off with density as altitude is increased. For example at 10,000 ft torque should be 0.735 of the sea level value. Table 1548 inputs ambient density (slugs/ft^3) and outputs a scalar on "corrected" shaft torque. For 10K feet, 3 up from the bottom, the value of the scalar is...
  17. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Reverse thrust?

    Can anyone explain how reverse thrust is schieved in FSX? I know about the negative "min_throttle_limit" and having "reverser_available" =1, but beyond that I'm clueless. Roy
  18. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Collimated HUD cone textures

    Despite expert help, I can still see the HUD poly through the side of the cone. This is what Bill told me I should have. I'm not too good with texture issues and I'm using FSDSXTweak to implement the texture Here is what I have in the X file Material Black_glass_t_dds { 0.1; 0.1; 0.1...
  19. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Camera views and XML

    I have built a recce aircraft where I can cycle VC views from left camera to forward view to nose camera to right camera. I'm doing this with a hat on the stick and it works fine. At the bottom of the view I have a pop-up strip that shows present position, time to go to target and distance...
  20. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Fuel dump oddity

    I searched "fuel dump" before posting this, but did not find an explanation for what I'm seeing in FSXA. My fuel tank configuration from left to right is Left AuX, Left, Center, Right, Right Aux. In the config file these are leftaux, leftmain, center1, rightmain and rightaux. There is one...