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    FS2004 Extended Compile (AFCAD) does no longer work

    I habe a problem with "Footprints" in FS9): normal compile works fine
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    FS2004 Which scenery creates these houses

    Perhaps somebody can help me which scenery creates these houses in the lower left corner of the picture. (It smells like something from Toni Agramont)
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    Empty Page in Wiki Why?
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    FS2004 Win 10 1903 Update

    Has anybody applied it and runs FS2004? I hesitate a little updating....
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    FS2004 Missing Library Objects

    FS9.cfg has an option to warn if library objects are missing: // Warns if Objects (Libs) are missing MissingLibraryAlert=1 How can I find the lib anywhere on my pc with this info? Is there a tool to search for hex codes in bgls or even better in folders?
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    FS2004 Problem with Effects

    Hi Arno, some of my effects cause MCX (and FXEditor) to crash. I can load the scenery bgl in MCX, but when I click on the "effects button" the program crashes. If I load these effects into FXEditor I get the crash immediatly. Some years ago all worked fine. The error happens in Win 10 1803...
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    FS2004 Invisible User Aircraft from Tower View

    never seen before:
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    FS2004 Fault Finder

    It would be nice if the Fault Finder could detect "no runway link". I had an airport without errors, but AI disappeared before taxiing.
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    FS2004 Problem in Central Spain

    After some years I visited Madrid LEMD again and found a problem. The airports have the correct elevation, but all surrounding area is on sea level. I had installed UT Europe in the meantime, but I do no believe it is the cause of the problem. It looks like there is one or more files missing...
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    FS2004 MCX does not find texture

    If I import an aircraft model which has the texture in a subfolder MCX does not find the texture. (FS9 finds it!)
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    FS2004 Compiler Error

    Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know what the compiler error is so that we can improve the Issue Manager. The compiler message is shown below ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling Using BglComp.... INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003...
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    FS2004 Finding unused Titles

    In 15 years of installing flightplans (AIG, WOAI, MWAI etc.) I have a lot of unused titles (and texture folders ofcourse) because the flightplan designers used different titles. I suppose, there is no way in AIFP to detect those titles? Is there another tool? Just to show the dimension of the...
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    FS2004 Sizing the Traffic and Parking window crashes...

    I used AIFP3 (n) and analysed parking at my EDDM. To see the full analysis from Sunday to Saturday I encreased the window by my mouse:
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    FS2004 AIFP3 eats up all memory

    I loaded AIFP - Bulk Traffic - Traffic and Parking - Analyser: installed aircraft were scanned. Okay so far. Then I clicked Traffic Files - All Files currently Accessible in FS9. Traffic Files are loaded and displayed. Extracting airports and aircraft was running about 10min, then the memory was...
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    FS2004 Traffic and Parking Analyser has problems with "Complex Split" compiled airports

    I installed KLAX from Avsim ( and cannot analyse traffic and parking. This airport is designed with ADE and compiled with the "compile split" option. This way there are 5 Bgls (s. pic.) compiled. I cannot select the airport "by directory tree"...
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    FS2004 AI floatplanes with wrong elevation in "sleep" mode

    I have designed a small water airfield on a lake. AI traffic works fine with 3 different floatplanes. But if these planes are in sleep mode the elevation/altitude(?) on the parkings is wrong. One plane is to deep, two are to high: When they are active all is fine. Wrong contact points?
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    FS2004 Strange "Previous Flight"

    Sometimes I get "Previous Flight" twice... Any idea?
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    FS2004 How can I edit this LC(?) bgl?

    I have a Problem with LGSK (Skiathos) freeware. If I use the HSP_LGSK_LC5418.bgl I get this error: If I dont use it, I get another error: I tried to load it in Sbuilder9, but it is no valid LWM and no valid VTPP file. Scdisassembler, BGLxml ... nothing could decompile it.
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    FS2004 Multi Edit Effects

    Hi Jon, is it possible to replace some (som hundreds of) effects by an other effect? Multi edit does not work...
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    FS2004 Resizing of "Traffic and Parkung Analyser" Window does not work

    Hi Don, since long time ago (or ever?) I cannot get the Traffic and Parking Analyser window to original size when I had sent it to the bottom line of windows. It is just a narrow rectangle and if I click to the square on the top of the rectangle to get full size, I get an error. .