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  1. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 How do I find a specific stock comms center so I can edit it?

    Currently, my Island airport on the south atlantic rift, it has two Centers in the Comms list. The problem is, they dont show up in the actual atc box in game until Im practically on top of the airport. The only other ATC Comms Center is Atlantico Center at frequency 128.600. Ive searched high...
  2. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 How do I convert my greyscale bump height BMP for use as a mesh in SBuilder?

    I have a greyscale height image for an island I originally made for SimCity 4, but I would like to use it as a mesh for FS9 to import using SBuilder. Looking at the help files, I see that mesh maps are generally green. How do I convert it into a format usable by sbuilder, and how do I actually...
  3. PlutonianEmpire

    Unhandled Exception/Index out of range when using Traffic and Parking Analyzer

    While the T&PA works just fine on a few individual files, I have noticed that when bulk selecting large numbers of large traffic files, I get an unhandled exception error, forcing me to either quit or continue. Selecting continue doesn't seem to do anything; the Traffic and Parking Analyzer will...
  4. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 Can someone improve my ancient model and make it a paintkit?

    I have an old model from FS98/FS2000 that I was able to extract with ModelconverterX and make a .3ds. I originally made it with Flight Sim Flight Shop for FS5, iirc. To be frank though, I suck at advanced modeling and texture mapping, and have zero experience with animation, although I have made...
  5. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 How do I tell AIFP to update an old Airports.txt file with data from a custom AirportsList?

    When tweaking older traffic files and saving as new filesets, I get a message box that says "The flight plans/and or other data contain errors or other shortcomings. As well, the following airports:" which then fills my entire screen listing every single airport in the text file. The only way to...
  6. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 Does restricting processor affinity to a single core reduce game crashes?

    I tried setting affinity in the shortcut using CPUCount:1, but it doesn't work. Are there any 3rd party apps that can help? Regardless, does setting the affinity to one core reduce the frequency of game crashes?
  7. PlutonianEmpire

    I am unable to recover my sources I used for my EVP mods. How do I have EVP show my custom airlines?

    Naturally, I think I lost the original files I had to make my current Evp_accelerated.gvp, which has some of my custom airlines and airports, as well as the update to include the A380 in the AC list. But when re-installing EditVoicePack, they dont show up in the lists, and instead show up in the...
  8. PlutonianEmpire

    I created an custom AC in FSFS for FS 98. How do I export the model for future projects?

    Mind you, the aircraft is almost 2 decades old. I originally created it in Flight Sim Slight Shop for FS 5. It was subsequently converted for FS 98. I was digging through my old cd-rw archives and saw a complete folder of it for FS 98. How do I extract the .mdl model to either .3ds or .obj for...
  9. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 Adding FS9 to a new computer -- Installs fine, won't run

    I recently had enough money for a slightly better computer than my current one. It is Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. 8 gigs of Ram and intel i5 quadruple processor. The base game installed without issues. It ran fine as well. After applying the 9.1 patch successfully, it won't run, citing...
  10. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 X-wind Runway Dilemma

    Okay, when I first started out with ADE, and after solving the compiler issues, I started out trying out the crosswind tutorials, and eventually applied it to my fictitious city and airport expansion. Right now, it has four runways, two parallels; 15/33, 03R+03L/21L+21R, and 07/25 is a late...
  11. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 What would cause a square mountain to pop up?

    Like the image shows. I don't know what I did, but all of a sudden, a giant square mountain surrounds my airport. Is there something I'm missing or forgetting? I wasn't even trying to change the terrain, except to extend the excludes at the ends of all the runways. Edit: Figured it out, lol...
  12. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 FS Weather Engine

    Yeah, old program I know, but all the other utilities besides the MS SDK are highly restrictive shareware and payware, and I have nothing but contempt for such. Anyways, I keep getting a "Run-time error '53' file not found" run-time error. Any way I can fix this? I'm on my usual Windows 8.1 x64. :)
  13. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 How do I put together a Posky Paint Kit?

    I got the ones for the 747-400, however, upon attempting to assemble them, and after applying my repaints to a texture, attempting to load it completely freezes FS9, forcing a forced exit via the task manager. Is there anything I can do to make sure I get it right?
  14. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 SBuilder compiler errors

    After having fixed incorrect land classes that I had previously chosen for my addon years ago, I went ahead and tried to implement a proper airport polygon. Problem is, the old one is still there, and the new one is nowhere to be seen. A google search result suggested copypasta'ing scasm.exe...
  15. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 Replicating FS2000 Moving Streetlights at night?

    I know it's possible because I see them on a road I originally made for an FS2K addon that I migrated to FS9. Since I'd like to see them enabled for all the default roads, with varying degrees of separation between each light based on road type or population density, like in FS2K, how should I...
  16. PlutonianEmpire

    I'm confused about saving the flight plans

    It's probably one of those questions with an obvious answer that's in plain sight that I'm just not seeing, but how exactly do I save the info? Namely, I want to save the data that I have changed, but want to compile/recompile at a later time, but when I go to "files->save fileset", it doesn't...
  17. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 Duplicate stock airports

    I flew in towards KPHL (Philadelphia) and I noticed my frame rates plummeted badly, and when I looked at the map window and clicked the airport to get the Nav amd ILS frequencies, the airport showed up in the selection list twice. Thinking I maybe added a bad third party mod to the region, I did...
  18. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 SBuilder run time error

    Sbuilder will not start on my machine. Windows 8.1 x64. I get a "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range" dialog before anything appears on my screen.
  19. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 Airport polygons in FS9

    I know there's a tutorial about it for FSX, but I don't immediately recall seeing one for FS9; but how do I get this: Instead of this: ?
  20. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 AI Long-Hauls completely destroyed

    I tried my hand at using AI Flight Planner to try to streamline my existing, custom AI flights. Wound up having half of the flight plans simply not work; as numerous 747's and an A380 or three have completely disappeared from my custom, fictitious airports. The 747's I can understand, since they...