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    Attach Effect what i do wrong?

    Hi, Please i need help I would like to attach red light, and white light, to some objects i am trying in the first one, but not seems work is for FS2004 first time i try with an spotlight (but i think, spotlight are for P3D4 right?) after i try using, some effects, and light, but i have...
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    ModelConverterX (last versions), not show the night textures, even if is well configured on texture side

    Hi, i have a problem, night textures, not show ups, on MCX, all seems OK but once i go to simulator, they are there. Something changing, i must reactivate something? I don't realize, when this happens, i download last version, and problem is still there (but with older versions, i not have it)...
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    How to indicate to Annotator, that we want to put factory and not houses

    Hi, I saw in some autogen, factorys, where there are factorys, when i make big red houses, they remain houses, not factorys Question? How, we do to make "factorys", i am not talking about "library factorys", i talking about autogen factorys Thanks in advance. Cheers
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    Simdirector on Prepar3D V4.2 a good alternative to Instant Scenery 3

    Hi, For information I was an user of Instant Scenery 3, until Prepar3D V3.x, and i found very nice quick tool to placing exactly objects but, sadly, Instant Scenery 3 seems will never arrive on V4.x So, because i'm developping for Prepar3DV4.x only, i search for a tool, and i take a look...
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    Making Photoreal Ground, in a not box format

    Hi it's possible, to make, little photoreal, cells, with FSET (or another program), with a non box, format? with TMFViewer, i see that ORBX, make cells, without the box format, this is practical, because, the transparent "blendmask" not allow AGN show it, i would like to make very tinny...
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    Need to move all items of an AFCAD 200 meters right

    Hi, i had a problem, i made a big layout of Ezeiza Airport (1961), for a project native FS91. But i not follow satellital coordinates, i draw all from a picture, on FS91 it's ok, because geomodif of Buenos Aires, it's not very exactly, so it's ok. But, on FSX, the whole AFCAD not fits on the...
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    P3D V2.5 OR P3D.V3.0 not show all agn polyline buildings

    I made I made with Annotator, and AGN with a lot of polyline buildings for a city. I can see all this polyline buildings on FSX, but on P3D (2.x 3.x) i can't see its all, there are someones that not show it, (but not always the same if i save again the agn on Annotator and restard P3D)...
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    Classic traffic cars

    Hi I would like to replace (or better duplicate) Ai modern cars with vintage car models For FSX/P3D This is possible?
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    Improved LOD Creator functionality (demo)

    Hi Arno, the link i found on internet to see the demo of the new functionality of the LOD Creator, not work, could you redone the link please? Could you explain me, on some words, how i must proceed, to do "LOD 0" versions of my models, how it's work, i need to do two or four versions? 100...
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    ADE GP for dummies

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    Things we can't do with 3ds max

    Actually, there are some things that we can't do with 3DS MAX and we need obligatory, use the FS TOOLS of GMAX right? "Animations" "Lights" "Texturing Alpha" Someone can tell me please, more about it?
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    Importing .FLT with ModelConvertX

    Hello Arno, First thank for your wonderfull program, is use a lot, it's excelent. I have a question regarding,the import of .FLT files, (models are always imported, but textures, sometimes not work when i import) i am using these days, 3DS MAX 2013 Design, some days ago, with a first...