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  1. jtanabodee

    Problem with Z bias.

    Hi Arno, I am trying to make ground poly with native P3D material. Things were going fine until I put the highest layer, the dirt mark over the runway. I could not see it in P3D. So, I went to check with Z bias. I found that when I exported from 3dsmax to x file, MCX can read it correctly...
  2. jtanabodee

    Step by step tutorial for SODE jetway.

    Hi guys, I think the most challenging in making an airport is to make the jetway. SODE jetway is even more difficult than the default CTRL-J jetway. I have been through a lot of difficulties and the process is long and easily to forget something. So, I am writing this tutorial to help myself...
  3. jtanabodee

    SODE jetway tutorial: Step by step.

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys need SODE jetway tutorial. It is not the same as the document in SODE jetway SDK which is very confusing to the new modeler (and myself as well). I am going to make Step by step tutorial to help you out of the difficulties of making it. Get out from technical...
  4. jtanabodee

    SODE jetway (another) problem

    Hi, I have made SODE jetway and it coming along nicely. I modified MDL file by MDL tweaker to set model radius of 2000m . When I select the parking, the jetway just turn out to be like this video. I don't know what cause that. I have changed the model radius to 3000 m and the problem is...
  5. jtanabodee

    SODE jetway problem with a big red cross

    Hi, I am making new SODE jetway to Phuket airport. I have the XML already with coordinate so I would like to edit XML by hand, not placing with the placing tools. I found that I have big red cross over the jetway and the jetway does not move at all. I wonder what could be wrong. Here is the...
  6. jtanabodee

    Exclusion cause autogen suppression

    Hi, I was wondering if my autogens were suppressed by ground poly or something else. So, I find that my ground poly do some suppression but the file cause most suppression is the exclusion file from ADE. I am using ADE 1.65. I am not sure if it because ADE is too old and the problem was get...
  7. jtanabodee

    New Phuket Airport

    Hi, BDOAVIATION has released their work on Phuket airport. I am doing that too but I would like to keep the project to myself until they release their work. So, mine will not disturb them or anything. I work slow but I have fun with all my work. Old customers should get an update with small...
  8. jtanabodee

    FSX Export problem. I cannot see the model in MCX.

    Hi, I am making terminals of an airport. I could export one of the terminal before without problem. Once I came back to work on this terminal again, something weird happened. I cannot see the model when I load it up to MCX. There is a model since I can see the shadow and when I click on...
  9. jtanabodee

    Too many vertices for 3D letters

    Hi, I am making an airport and I think the sign of the airport should be in 3D since the airplanes park near there. I do it as usual: making a text and convert to polygons and extrude. The vertices seem to be too many that fail to export. I need to do Target weld for each vertex. It is a...
  10. jtanabodee

    FSX OSM file error or ScenProc error?? Or myself error?

    Hi Arno, I am trying SceneProc to do autogen. This is my work flow: 1. Open website OpenStreetMap and go to the airport I am making ( Then I download the OSM file. 2. Open SceneProc and type the command line as the tutorial and the...
  11. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 What are the differences between P3Dv4 MDL and FSX MDL?

    Hi, I was wondering what are the differences between P3Dv4 and FSX MDL if we use the same material properties. Yes, I know there are a lot of new features such as PBR, P3Dv4 native ground poly. The reason I asked this because if you make a scenery for FSX, do I need to convert the MDL to P3Dv4...
  12. jtanabodee

    Beijing City 2019

    Hi, I am done with the ZBAA. I think it would be good if I can see the Beijing while approaching from the south. I started this project a few weeks ago. I think it is pretty good. The city is supposed to be a frame rate friendly as possible since the airport is really huge. The aim is to...
  13. jtanabodee

    How to exclude default object and relocate it somewhere else?

    Hi, I am making Beijing City and some of the buildings in FSX have to be exclude. I know how to do the exclusion. But if I need to place those buildings again to the correct place, how should I do that?. I think I need to know GUID of them and replace them with new XML. But how do I know GUID...
  14. jtanabodee

    ClickTeam Installer

    Hi Guys, Simmarket stops making installer for FSX and FS9 product. So, I need to make installer myself. I use Install Creator 2. It is easy to use. I am getting to familiar with it. I am not a computer guy nor programmer, so my knowledge is limited. I tried to search but I cannot find the...
  15. jtanabodee

    Missing file in X-plane

    Hi, I have successfully converted my scenery to XP. When I go to that airport, ZBAA, I found a warning that: " This region has missing scenery area. With no scenery will have nothing but water around them. The missing file is: +30+110/+39+115.dsf" I cannot find where to download that. I have...
  16. jtanabodee

    X-plane obj and texture.

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a limitation for XP that one object can have only one texture. Is that right? OMG converting it from FSX is not easy if that is true.
  17. jtanabodee

    If someone buy your Scenery/Airplane and ask for refund.

    Hi, I have got an email that a guy wants a refund that he did not satisfy with my ZBAA. He said the texture was not good and the fps was bad either. My computer is ten years old and it still can run ZBAA in FSX at fps more than 10. There is no prove that he will take the scenery out of his...
  18. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Landing light disappear with dynamic light.

    Hi, I have a problem with Dynamic light. The landing of the user aircraft disappear when looking straight. But when looking to the right and left, the landing light comes back. When I take the dynamic light on the light pole of the airport, the problem goes away. What could be the problem and...
  19. jtanabodee

    FS2004 BGL light problem

    Hi, Almost forgot about bgl light. I tried it again and tweak 0.asm code. Then drag to BGLC9.exe and got bgl file. Change bgl to mdl and compile XML to get bgl. I have got the light in FS9. But why it stay on the ground. I did it on the lamp in Gmax.
  20. jtanabodee

    FS2004 Ground poly crash at night

    Hi, I am converting FSX/P3D ZBAA to FS2004. Everything went fine until I changed the day to night and it crashed. I searched and pulled out ground poly for satellite photo including seasonal variation out and the program does not crash again. I was wondering what could be wrong. I have...